Thursday, March 24, 2011

{T.T.} Glamorous Gloves {Baby Shower Gift Idea}

I don't know about you moms, but I have done a ton more dish-washing ever since I had our baby girl! I have hand-washed all the bottles & when I was pumping I was hand-washing all of the pump accessories.. it seriously felt like that was my life for a while!! I always have it on HOT water and i hate the feeling of putting my bare hands into the nasty gross sink and scorching hot water so I have always used gloves... so after seeing a pair at this cute little boutique francesca's I was thinkin' one night...
that these super cute gloves would be such a cute baby shower gift! {CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE}

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  1. another cute blog i will be following of yours! crazy that lady knew all that info bout you.
    i'll be so jealous if you get a set of twins!


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