Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Film {Nails}

I got my nails done this week and I couldnt help but think of this hilarious video! Enjoy your Friday!!


I found this camera ring out here at some boutique that I had to buy!


  1. That girl is hilarious! My thoughts exactly when those asian girls do my nails. And you know they are always talking shiz about you too!

  2. @Leslie
    haha especially when you try to correct them.. but funny thing is I wouldn't trust anyone else to do a good job

  3. Oh Lindsey. I love your blog and check it weekly. I randomly clicked on this post and that video is hilarious! I get my nails done all the time and this made me laugh so hard. I love how creative you are. I especially enjoy the mommy and me looks. Im 16weeks and if I have a girl I will totally get inspiration from your mommy and me styles with you and your adorable girl Lexi. P.s love the camera ring.


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