Monday, April 4, 2011

{M.M.T.} T& L's free aura reading sesh at the grocery store

Soooo...     where to begin?!

Me and Ty walk into the grocery store and we split ways - I had to go pick out flowers & Ty took Lex and went to go get sodas.

Ty's Intro:
I walked in and there was an older lady that walked next to me that kept staring at me and looking at lex then said "oh you have a pretty baby" nonchalant, just small talk. She was on her cell phone talking on the phone to her friend and walked by me to the end of the aisle.

So as I was walking back to find Ty I was passing the check out aisles and this lady goes:

 (keep in mind she's kinda softer spoken and kinda pauses in between conversation)

Intuitive Lady: you have a baby don't you {✓}
Me: (caught a little off guard) I was like, ya - (I also see Ty coming up behind her)
Intuitive Lady: I saw her she's really cute {✓} and then she turns see's Ty and goes that's your baby..
Me: ya (feeling awkward but just thinking this is just one of those women who love to talk to your baby.. so I was kinda trying to cut the convo)
Intuitive Lady: how old is she
Me: almost 9 months
Intuitive Lady: she's your first? do you want more kids
Me & Ty: smiling at each other and saying yes
Intuitive Lady: Ya  I see 4, the next one will be a boy and then you will have twins... twins run in your family {✓} (ty swears he heard her say 1 boy and 1 girl for the twins.. i didn't hear it so i'm not going to believe it b/c IF we did have twins i would like to think they would be TWO little girls hah)
Me & Ty: laughing/smiling (umm weirddd & how does she know we have twins in our family anddd could we seriously have twins?? - we had both thought it possible when we found out when we were pregnant with lex)
Me: ya we do have twins in our families  haha well if that happens we will remember you telling us...
who wouldn't want a pair of these cute things?

she keeps going...
Intuitive Lady: I don't see yall living in California though {✓}
Me: smiling..
Intuitive Lady: I see you living somewhere in the country with like hills and animals like horses and dogs but not too far away from the city because you (me) like the city {✓}
 hopefully she just saw as far as the next two years
Me & Ty: we are from Idaho.. and we are going back in like a week
Intuitive Lady: you like the beach but he likes more of the country {✓} like someone who would sit on the porch and smoke a pipe -- but yall dont smoke {✓}-- just like the country atmosphere
Me & Ty: just laughing.. nope we don't smoke!

Intuitive Lady: (looking at me)your healthy i see you having no problem you will be healthy for a long time.
(somewhat comforting, thanks intuitive lady)
i'm assuming my aura looked like the lady on the left :)
Intuitive Lady:  I don't work for those hot lines though I can read people it's a gift I've had since I was little I just do it for people I've been doing it all day (her look fit the part)

basically that's the convo.. or at least the main points

umm okkkk why didn't we stop and ask her more questions?! haha me and ty just stood there laughing, caught off guard what this lady had to share about us.. and how accurate the stuff she said was!

Crazyyy things can happen to you at the grocery store.. that's all I'm saying!

oh and i guess you will have to be friends with us in 5-10 years to see how accurate this lady is.. hahah


  1. Wow! That's really cool that she was able to tell so much about you and Tyson from just looking at you. Twins?!? Can you imagine being pregnant with two babies inside of you? That sounds miserable. But if you do have twins they will be absolutely adorable. Two little Lexi's?!? I can only imagine the cute pictures you will take.

  2. @Leslie
    I know right?!.. I can't imagine my belly stretching that far.. not AT ALL! let's hope she was just crazy!


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