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{T.T.} A Good Night's Sleep with a Baby

Let's just say I wish someone would have introduced me to this book a little earlier.. It took me 8 months to decide to do something about Lexi's sleeping habits... This is a book I would highly recommend if you are struggling with getting a good night sleep with a baby. However, I did not use all of her mechanism's like the "shuffle" but I catered it to Lexi's needs (& mine) and it seemed to work almost instantly the sleeping through the night part started a week later.. but you will just have to go read the rest of the details on the link below if this is something you are interested in.

It would also make for a GREAT baby shower gift!
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One of my last post I had mentioned how little lexi doesn't sleep through the night... and will get up multiple times which leads to a very sleep deprived me.
Well a friend gave me the most wonderful advice and introduced me to a book that she recommended.. so I ended up getting it and I saw a difference almost immediately! Last night (Night 8), Lex slept through the night (9-9:30) for the first time in a longggg time! BUT, from night 1. things were already looking good b/c she was only getting up once.. which was much better than the sporadic 1-2-3 times.. I have been documenting the process so I could see each night to get an idea of how things were working.. but the top things I learned from the book that has helped me were:

1. STOP NIGHT FEEDINGS!! haha wowww seriously i know I should have stopped that at 6 month not at 8 but we had just moved into an apartment at 6 months and I didn't want to piss any neighbors off! I think I attempted it a couple of times but after longer periods of crying I just kept thinking ok they are going to kill us! Not to mention her crying for a long period of time is not the most pleasant noise for us to hear in the middle of the night.. and it's not like i'm going to sleep through it so it just meant doubling the time I was awake.

Ok, so I stopped that and the book gave a good little remedy for weaning her off of night feedings. AKA "dreamfeed" for 3 nights ONLY before I went to bed- (so around 12am). She seriously did really well going without night feedings, I think she already knew she didn't need the milk -she just took it because I would give it to her. Some nights she cried longer than others longest lasted up to 45 min. and for the most part they lasted from 5-10 min.

2: Get her into a CONSISTENT SCHEDULE- this one was hard for me!! I absolutely HATE strict schedules!! From the day I was pregnant I was like I'm not going to be one of those moms who have to live their life around a stupid schedule! I want to go and do as I please and not let having a baby restrict me!
Poor little Lexi.. she obviously needed some type of schedule & so I started with the schedule the book gave- just catered it to the hours I would prefer to wake up - so instead of 7am i chose 9am.. so i had to change everything 2 hours later form what they said. I must say It has helped tons! Although, each day is different if I have something to do and it runs into nap times.. I don't race home to get her into the crib.. But for the most part I have tried to keep her feedings, and night time sleeping exactly the same. Her naps are almost always the same when I am at home or I almost always now make sure to atleast get her 1st good nap in before I will leave the house. Which has led to her consistent sleep in the middle of the night- since I started this she has only been getting up once (one night 3x) but they have been super easy to get up for b/c I go in and lay her back down and cuddle her w/blankie, lovie, and paci. and go back to bed instead of making a bottle and waiting for warm water and then going in and either feeding her or giving her the bottle (which I started to do when I got lazy- probably not the best b/c when she wouldn't drink it all because of falling back to sleep she would wake up within the next 3 hours. to have another bottle or something?! who knows.) All I do know is that I have seen such a difference in this past week!

3.The book also gave some other good tips that were useful but introducing a lovie is one, so I finally did. She hasn't really chose anything before so I decided I would try a couple different ones and she has kinda chosen a little pink bear. So I now carry it everywhere we go and it's always tucked with her when she sleeps.. I had tried one of those blankies attached to a animal on top but she didn't really become attached to it. In the book it mentions to cater to what they like/need and I noticed that lex likes to rub her own hair and mine (much like i did when i was little) so I figured I would give her a bear with longer hair that she could maybe rub.

soooo THANK YOU JENNA for saving my sleep life! I appreciate it!
and Kim West

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