Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Film {Just the Way You Are}

1. i know this song is old
2. love the lyrics
3. they had a fun concept with the video!
4. enjoy :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Wall Decor Ideas

walls, windows, doors....  they're a complicated little thing!

Ok, so this one is always a challenge for me.. and currently is while i'm trying to give a little revamp to our living room. There is this photographer (Laura Winslow) and her blog that I found a while back and EVERY Wednesday she does a "wall art wednesday" post where she gathers different looks & shows you different ideas you can do with your pictures & frames for your walls! It's always super cute & there's tons to sort through! Here's some of my faves

photo: Ashley Ann

photo: Ashley Ann

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Pastel Nail Polish

I'm loving pastels right now, maybe because it's Spring time?! But pastels are just so pretty & subtle! While in Cali I found the cutest nail polish for $1 at this clothing store.. it's a super good nail polish & i loved the fact that they were so stinkin cheap! Here's the two that I use that are my faves... When I wore the pale blue Ty told me my fingers looked like Easter eggs.. I still thought they looked pretty!

On another nail trend note... crackle nail polish
Their are two popular brands OPI & China Glaze.
China Glaze has tons of pretty colors! You can also try on the colors here to see which color your prefer - it also has a feature to change your skin color and nail length.. pretty sweet huh?!
How does it work?
You apply the Crackle shade as a top coat over the color base of your choosing, either 1 or 2 coats. Then apply a thin layer of your Crackle shade over the top and within 5 minutes, the crackled look is completely formed. You can go over it with a top coat to seal the crackle in. I think you may be able to use any brand for the base just make sure it's the crackle polish for the top.

Monday, April 25, 2011

{M.M.T.} It was a good Easter

I am very thankful for many things yesterday especially for the true reason of Easter! But, yesterday was especially nice.. it was good weather.. good times with extended family.. good food.. and a good time with just the three of us!
I have a lot to be thankful for!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Film {Mindy Gledhill}

If you haven't heard of Mindy Gledhill already you should go listen to her other songs.. she has this peaceful vibe to her songs and i LOVE them! Hope yall have a fun Easter weekend!! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Glamourous Dishwashing Glove's

Ok, so remember when I posted about Glamourous Gloves & how they made great baby shower gifts.. and I gave you a link of a cute boutique to get these suckers? WELL, I have even better news for you if you loved them & have a Tuesday's Morning near you! I haven't been to a Tuesday's Morning in quite some time but I just scored these babies for......... $3.99 andddd no shipping cost!! I was so excited b/c the day before I had them in my check out basket online and I think with taxes it totalled up to close to $20 and I thought to myself ok that's a little much for dishwashing gloves so I didn't complete that little transaction.. and I am VERY glad I didn't because you can't beat $3.99!! Hope you can find some cute ones too!!
{UPDATE: i saw them at Ross too for $3.99 for 2 - styles will vary and not always so cute}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Whippy Cake

Have you ever heard of Whippy Cake? They possibly have the cutest website & i love their style!

They seriously do the best job at branding.. anyone wanting to start a business take notes!

Visit their site to check out their hair accesories, tutorials, and they do frequent giveaways.. 
their last giveaway was this cute little  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

{M.M.T} Living Room Makeover

Ok, so it's final Tyson's letting me paint the downstairs, kitchen cabinets, and a random wood stair railing. I'm just going to paint the downstairs & kitchen a gray color & then I'm going to have a friend/family member do our stair railing & kitchen cabinets... hopefully they turn out! I'm a little nervous b/c our carpets are this dark tan/brown color..... we'll see I guess! I'm going to buy paint today along with some other errands so I'm thinking the painting will start Tuesday!
 this little area will be my project for the week {tbc...}

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Film {Stop Motion}

Films like this are just plain awesome! Enjoy! Hope yall will have a fun weekend!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Painting...

Ok, so I have HATED our downstairs walls for forever now! I tried painting a section of our wall last year and I tried two different colors and hated them both so I GAVE UP and I am back home and I re-hate our walls again.. (hate our carpet color as well but they can't be changed) During the day it's fine for the most part- just don't like the brown tones.. it's not me, then at night it turns to this pukey color and it drives me nuts! I thought it might be our light fixtures giving off this yellow tint- it still might be? But I have a darker gray in our bedroom & laundry room but there is this ugly tan in our kitchen and living room areas.. and I think I am going to try again and change the color.. I feel like it will change my attitude and look of our house.. along with some other changes I think will be needed for the downstairs! I know my husband dreads me even talking about this but I can try and make the makeover on a CHEAP budget, right? we'll see! I would however LOVE to pay someone to paint.. it's my least favorite and whoever made these stupid townhomes made the downstairs with baseboards, chair railing, and crown molding ANDDDD did I mention 4 doors just in the downstairs living area.. Can I say mayyyyy-jor pain to paint around! Anyone know of a cheap painter that would love to paint our downstairs and repaint all of the white parts white again? I'd be the happiest girl alive to not have to do it.. but I'm thinking in order to be CHEAP about it I'm going to be stuck (along with my loving sister?!) and do it myself- b/c I know my husband is going to say "they look just fine the way they are" just so he can fore-go this change and all of the hassle that will come along with it!  So anyways before I go buy plenty of paint samples I have been playing around with the most awesome site EVER

You take a picture of your room, which I did below -I did one in daytime (keep in mind We just unloaded all of our crap from being away for 3 months today) and you will go and mask the walls and pick out different colors you want to try.. here's the before pictures
I also did a night picture -see, you can see the puke color coming out- i'm getting grossed out as we speak looking at it in person. 
Pewter Cast

These were some of the ones that looked good to me both during day and night.. I was kinda suprised on how different some looked going from day to night & I'm sure it isn't totally accurate but it definitely helped me cancel out a lot of colors I had thought about!! Plus it's making me want to decorate the walls and accents a lot different! It needs a fresh look not so tannnn and blah! I'm also wondering if I need to check into changing out the glass fixtures to see if thats adding the extra yellow tinting at night?! Any thoughts?
or do i go dark ?! ahh decisions I stink at making decisions like this!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Tuesday's Look}

So I know this is a day late.. but yesterday was kinda hectic! No internet for most of the day and then when I finally figured out what my Tuesdays look would be I realized my camera cord was still in the trailer with Ty.. Luckily my sister had a cute outfit on yesterday so I was able to just snap a picture of her!
Bracelet: Wet Seal & Kohls - a mixture
Scarf: Target
Sweater: Maurices
Tank Top: Gap
Jeans: Nordstroms

Isn't it funny how you can be wearing items from like 5 or more different places?! I'd like someone try and stick to one brand for every item.. I doubt it would be nearly as cute.. unless you ripped it off of their manikin..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eventful Day in LA

This is the 3rd time in 3 months that we have made it to downtown LA. We figured we would try to see everything we wanted to before we headed back to Idaho.
Our first stop: the Fantasy Factory -this is one of Ty's top things he wanted to see.. we took pictures of the outside.. ty talked to the receptionist on the speaker and they said they aren't open to the public.. (we kinda figured but just checkin)

Our next stop was to the Grove and we had lunch at the Farmers Market..

then our next stop.. Rodeo Drive

walked the strip, hung out, took pics, and we headed back to the parking garage got the truck and I was typing in our next spot when I look up and out of my window and guess who is a car distance away from my face.. Jessica Simpson.. yes I am still obsessed with her, she's just a classy girl and she seems still so humble! so i think my exact words were "SHUTUP, THAT'S JESSICA SIMPSON" as I grab for my camera- just a natural instinct of mine. so I took a couple shots out the window as we drove past while she waited for her friend to pay the meter..

then everyones turning around to see if it was really her.. so we pulled over to the side of the rode a bit further up to see if she would walk past again and she had went in to Cheesecake Factory - so what do we do? hmm cheesecake sounds good right about now?! Yes, we go park and get cheescake. So me and lexie "went to the bathroom" on this secluded side.. try to play the oh we're lost where the bathroom? -(i stink at this by the way, if it weren't for lexie (friend lexie not my baby) I probably totally would have ruined it & we had taken little lex with us) so we go up stairs to the bathroom thinking their was like a hidden section for celebrities since we were the next street over from Rodeo Drive and realize there was nothing up there.. so we head back down and umm there she is sitting in a booth with her friend, and she was crying... seriously felt so bad for her! so of course we just kept going and went back to our seats and just let her be- i dont think we would have said anything to her even if she wasn't crying. (They were the only table/booth back in that part)

So we had a nice little cheesecake (the Godiva one) and headed off to our next spot LA Ink
It's a reality tv show that me and ty watch.. we are not tattoo people.. I would never ever get one but the show was interesting..

Our next stop the Hollywood Sign

Now we were trying to figure out what else to do.. if we went home we would probably be stuck in traffic forever so we decided to go scout out celebs houses.. first stop Lauren Conrad..

pretty sure this was the house that they filmed one of the seasons of the Hills in and I don't think she still lives there..
{unless she just had a welcome home chinese themed party}

then we found Rob's so we headed there next.. So we got to the address & the rest of the gang were contemplating whether or not it was really Rob's house, I thought it looked way similar to the house from the newer shows.. so i jump out to go take a picture b/c we had pulled over a little up past his house and one of his neighbors across the street was spraying off the sidewalk so I asked him if it was Rob's house and he was like ya you just missed him he just pulled in like 5 min. ago in his black bentley..

so ty had rolled down his window listening to the convo so when i came back to the truck after taking a pic the boys were like "see if yall wouldnt have made us go to Lauren Conrads house we could have seen him" {little did they know...} so we talked in the car and I had asked should i go ring the door bell everyone told me no - i get back in the car and we were turning around b/c I technically didn't get the shot I wanted b/c I was up too close {still never ended up getting another shot} so when we had turned around the neighbor started waving us down thinking we were leaving so i jumped out of the truck b/c i already was going to take another picture and he's like "just go up and ring the door bell he's cool" I'm like OK thank you someone for giving me the go ahead haha {seriously though- my thoughts were 1. he is never going to answer, it can't hurt 2. i'll ring the doorbell once and no ones going to show so we just leave - we're not bugging him 3. if he's really annoyed he just wont answer- like normal people would do - no biggie- atleast we tried it}   So we walk up to the door, there's a camera aiming right towards us.. seriously not expecting anyone to come over the speaker when all of a sudden it's HIM.. I can't totally remember the beg. of the convo but it went something like this
Rob: hello?
Me: Rob?!
Lexie(another couple went with us):seriously?!
Me: We were wondering if we could meet you we are from Idaho and our husbands are huge fans!
Rob: how did you get this number? (totally confused) no one from Idaho has this number
Me & Lexie: uhh we pressed the button we're outside of your house
Rob: oh your outside.. that's kinda stalkerish. see normally I would check the camera and just straight up ignore you but I had just got off the phone with a business call and I thought he had called me back.
Us: we know, sorry,  can we meet you?
Rob: well I guess since you got me I'll come out for a second
Lexie: that would be fabulous
Rob: fabulousssss
and we just started freaking out- I tell ty to run and get lex out b/c she is now screaming in the truck and garrett was still waiting in the truck with her and so when rob comes out he's like

Rob "come on husbands let's go! Let's snap some picture!" (looks like he just woke up)
Tyson gets little lex out of the car.
Rob "oh there's a baby. You didn't tell me there was a baby. Bring the family!"

So we do the whole intro thing  -hugs, you're awesome, we love your show
Rob's like "she has a flower on her head and diamonds in her ears"
then we took pictures with him

and then he asked me and ty how long we've been married, how old we were & he's like let me take a picture of yall I want to show my girlfriend.. so he whips out his phone and take a picture of us with his phone. just a family pic without rob on his phone, kinda funny

so we talked for a bit, thanked him for being totally cool & letting us intrude in on his space & he was seriously so nice to us - oh ya, he was like normally we try and take our address off of all those list as soon as we hear it pops up so we filled him in on where it was leaked.. it was the least we could do for stalking, right?! haha but seriously we all had so much adrenaline going on the ride home!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Film

So my good friend Less introduced me to the daybook blog about a month ago and it's pretty stinkin' addicting to look at.. I happened to come across this girl the Hussy who makes a "wanna be" video on Sydney from the the daybook. I think those who have come across the daybook blog already will find this most humorous! Seriously though the hussy, she is hilarious (her narration especially) and I might have watched this video about 10x already! Unfortunately the Hussy I think is taking a break from the blog world for a while..

fun fact: Sydney from the daybook lives in Rexburg (going to school)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

{T.T.} A Good Night's Sleep with a Baby

Let's just say I wish someone would have introduced me to this book a little earlier.. It took me 8 months to decide to do something about Lexi's sleeping habits... This is a book I would highly recommend if you are struggling with getting a good night sleep with a baby. However, I did not use all of her mechanism's like the "shuffle" but I catered it to Lexi's needs (& mine) and it seemed to work almost instantly the sleeping through the night part started a week later.. but you will just have to go read the rest of the details on the link below if this is something you are interested in.

It would also make for a GREAT baby shower gift!
insert from my personal blog below
One of my last post I had mentioned how little lexi doesn't sleep through the night... and will get up multiple times which leads to a very sleep deprived me.
Well a friend gave me the most wonderful advice and introduced me to a book that she recommended.. so I ended up getting it and I saw a difference almost immediately! Last night (Night 8), Lex slept through the night (9-9:30) for the first time in a longggg time! BUT, from night 1. things were already looking good b/c she was only getting up once.. which was much better than the sporadic 1-2-3 times.. I have been documenting the process so I could see each night to get an idea of how things were working.. but the top things I learned from the book that has helped me were:

1. STOP NIGHT FEEDINGS!! haha wowww seriously i know I should have stopped that at 6 month not at 8 but we had just moved into an apartment at 6 months and I didn't want to piss any neighbors off! I think I attempted it a couple of times but after longer periods of crying I just kept thinking ok they are going to kill us! Not to mention her crying for a long period of time is not the most pleasant noise for us to hear in the middle of the night.. and it's not like i'm going to sleep through it so it just meant doubling the time I was awake.

Ok, so I stopped that and the book gave a good little remedy for weaning her off of night feedings. AKA "dreamfeed" for 3 nights ONLY before I went to bed- (so around 12am). She seriously did really well going without night feedings, I think she already knew she didn't need the milk -she just took it because I would give it to her. Some nights she cried longer than others longest lasted up to 45 min. and for the most part they lasted from 5-10 min.

2: Get her into a CONSISTENT SCHEDULE- this one was hard for me!! I absolutely HATE strict schedules!! From the day I was pregnant I was like I'm not going to be one of those moms who have to live their life around a stupid schedule! I want to go and do as I please and not let having a baby restrict me!
Poor little Lexi.. she obviously needed some type of schedule & so I started with the schedule the book gave- just catered it to the hours I would prefer to wake up - so instead of 7am i chose 9am.. so i had to change everything 2 hours later form what they said. I must say It has helped tons! Although, each day is different if I have something to do and it runs into nap times.. I don't race home to get her into the crib.. But for the most part I have tried to keep her feedings, and night time sleeping exactly the same. Her naps are almost always the same when I am at home or I almost always now make sure to atleast get her 1st good nap in before I will leave the house. Which has led to her consistent sleep in the middle of the night- since I started this she has only been getting up once (one night 3x) but they have been super easy to get up for b/c I go in and lay her back down and cuddle her w/blankie, lovie, and paci. and go back to bed instead of making a bottle and waiting for warm water and then going in and either feeding her or giving her the bottle (which I started to do when I got lazy- probably not the best b/c when she wouldn't drink it all because of falling back to sleep she would wake up within the next 3 hours. to have another bottle or something?! who knows.) All I do know is that I have seen such a difference in this past week!

3.The book also gave some other good tips that were useful but introducing a lovie is one, so I finally did. She hasn't really chose anything before so I decided I would try a couple different ones and she has kinda chosen a little pink bear. So I now carry it everywhere we go and it's always tucked with her when she sleeps.. I had tried one of those blankies attached to a animal on top but she didn't really become attached to it. In the book it mentions to cater to what they like/need and I noticed that lex likes to rub her own hair and mine (much like i did when i was little) so I figured I would give her a bear with longer hair that she could maybe rub.

soooo THANK YOU JENNA for saving my sleep life! I appreciate it!
and Kim West

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Pink Pistachio Style....

So a friend of mine just launched her new blog.. 
it's a mixture of fashion, food, tutorials, and all things cute! 
You should deff. FOLLOW!
She has a super cute style so you should deff. check it out! 
and the food is just as cute...

Monday, April 4, 2011

{M.M.T.} T& L's free aura reading sesh at the grocery store

Soooo...     where to begin?!

Me and Ty walk into the grocery store and we split ways - I had to go pick out flowers & Ty took Lex and went to go get sodas.

Ty's Intro:
I walked in and there was an older lady that walked next to me that kept staring at me and looking at lex then said "oh you have a pretty baby" nonchalant, just small talk. She was on her cell phone talking on the phone to her friend and walked by me to the end of the aisle.

So as I was walking back to find Ty I was passing the check out aisles and this lady goes:

 (keep in mind she's kinda softer spoken and kinda pauses in between conversation)

Intuitive Lady: you have a baby don't you {✓}
Me: (caught a little off guard) I was like, ya - (I also see Ty coming up behind her)
Intuitive Lady: I saw her she's really cute {✓} and then she turns see's Ty and goes that's your baby..
Me: ya (feeling awkward but just thinking this is just one of those women who love to talk to your baby.. so I was kinda trying to cut the convo)
Intuitive Lady: how old is she
Me: almost 9 months
Intuitive Lady: she's your first? do you want more kids
Me & Ty: smiling at each other and saying yes
Intuitive Lady: Ya  I see 4, the next one will be a boy and then you will have twins... twins run in your family {✓} (ty swears he heard her say 1 boy and 1 girl for the twins.. i didn't hear it so i'm not going to believe it b/c IF we did have twins i would like to think they would be TWO little girls hah)
Me & Ty: laughing/smiling (umm weirddd & how does she know we have twins in our family anddd could we seriously have twins?? - we had both thought it possible when we found out when we were pregnant with lex)
Me: ya we do have twins in our families  haha well if that happens we will remember you telling us...
who wouldn't want a pair of these cute things?

she keeps going...
Intuitive Lady: I don't see yall living in California though {✓}
Me: smiling..
Intuitive Lady: I see you living somewhere in the country with like hills and animals like horses and dogs but not too far away from the city because you (me) like the city {✓}
 hopefully she just saw as far as the next two years
Me & Ty: we are from Idaho.. and we are going back in like a week
Intuitive Lady: you like the beach but he likes more of the country {✓} like someone who would sit on the porch and smoke a pipe -- but yall dont smoke {✓}-- just like the country atmosphere
Me & Ty: just laughing.. nope we don't smoke!

Intuitive Lady: (looking at me)your healthy i see you having no problem you will be healthy for a long time.
(somewhat comforting, thanks intuitive lady)
i'm assuming my aura looked like the lady on the left :)
Intuitive Lady:  I don't work for those hot lines though I can read people it's a gift I've had since I was little I just do it for people I've been doing it all day (her look fit the part)

basically that's the convo.. or at least the main points

umm okkkk why didn't we stop and ask her more questions?! haha me and ty just stood there laughing, caught off guard what this lady had to share about us.. and how accurate the stuff she said was!

Crazyyy things can happen to you at the grocery store.. that's all I'm saying!

oh and i guess you will have to be friends with us in 5-10 years to see how accurate this lady is.. hahah