Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Magazine Holder

Tip # 1. Go check out stores that are closing.

While we were living in Cali 3 or 4 months ago we went to a Borders to kill time before we went to dinner. They were closing out the store along with other Border chain stores in the area and they were closing out on almost EVERYTHING inside the store.. random things, book shelves, cards, books, cds, whatever! You could tell most everything had been ransacked and bought but we were still able to find this little baby....

I have no idea what it's original use was for but we had bought it with the intention of making into a lamp. However, when I did our downstairs makeover I decided that look wasn't going to work... so I found another use for it.

A magazine holder! 
We had a millionnnnnnn magazines just chillin on the top of our downstairs toilet.. (husband had a Sports Illustrated subscription) Anyways, it got overwhelming with how much they came and our toilet got a little tacky... if that's possible for a toilet?

This little "magazine holder" had no price tag so we asked what we could have it for & I think we got it for $5.  It works perfectly and it helps clean up our not-so-tacky toilet!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Wednesday's Want} Get rid of my million symptoms!! Help?

this is how i feel about whatever is going on with my body!

Symptoms I experience in 1 day:
runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy nose, itchy irritated eyes, dry eyes, sore throat, itchy throat, drainage, sneezing, sometimes feels like fluid in ear but go clean them out and dry and feels irritated. I didnt even know you could experience all of these symptoms in one day!

I went in to the doctor last week b/c my throat had been itchy and sore. They gave me antibiotics and didn't see anything really wrong other than it looked irritated. Then over the weekend I decided to diagnose myself with allergies (I've never had them before) b/c after 3 days of antibiotics nothing was changing. I also got additional bothersome symptoms (see above). 

Since then I have tried Benadryl at night - worked & made me super drowsy (in our cupboard)
Wal-Phed non drowsy - didn't work - (it was in our cupboard)
went back to the pharmacist determined to get something to work and he gave me Wal-Act - apparently he forgot to mention this will make me SUPER drowsy I took it mid afternoon while watching Lex so I made Ty come home and takeover & I took a nap - it seemed to finally work though before the SUPER drowsiness factor kicked in.
BACK to the pharmacist to find something NON-drowsy - I got Claritin Non Drowsy -started that yesterday and feel it isn't helpnig but i'm going to continue taking.

Anyone want to be doctor and give me helpful tips???

I'm not achey, I feel fine other than all these irritating symptoms and I am luckily able to go about my daily routines.

Monday, June 27, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} Do something spontaneous

This was going to be my "Thursday's Tip" but I was having difficulties uploading my images so I figured it would work for today! Thursday we decided within 5 min. to head to West Yellowstone. It is an hour and half away and we left at 3. It was a quick trip but it was so much fun and it felt like it was enough time! I kept telling Ty "why don't we do this more often it is sooo pretty up here and it's only like an hour 1/2 away!" Hopefully we will make more random trips to scenic places in the next couple of months!

just a horse eating a tree kinda pic

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday's Film {Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon SOMEDAY}

Have you seen the new Justin Bieber perfume commercial??

It's quite cheesy and I am not even going to post it here because its that ridiculous.
but Jimmy Fallon did a funny spin on it with Bieber last night! I love me some Jimmy Fallon he never fails to make me laugh!

{Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon SOMEDAY}

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Film {Meg & Dia Frampton}

The reason I didn't get a Thursday's Tip up yesterday is b/c my camera cord won't connect to my laptop & i can't find my card reader. lovely....
but here's Friday's Film for yall! whoever wanders to this little blog

I'm still rooting for Dia on the voice.. just love her voice and style!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what i'll be doing for the next little while...

i'm about to get overwhelmed in taking & editing images.. good thing i love it! here are a couple of sneak peaks of stuff i am working on...

Monday, June 20, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Want Luscious Lashes?

sooo... i have a pretty exciting find to share with you today! I was chatting with my future cousin-in-law who is a beautician & we got talking about eye lash extensions..
it's something i think would be super fun to try but i don't think i want to spend the $$ on them and i have also heard back and forth positive & negatives on them 1. being your eye lashes start falling out and 2. being they can mess with contacts, which I wear

anyways, i asked her how much they charged where she works & she said $80 and they last like 5 weeks? not long enough for the price (for me atleast). Then she started telling me about this other eye lash product that makes them grow and actually works that is called Li Lash (i had already noticed her lashes looked long) she said they were $70 and the product last up to 5 months (i hope i am getting all this correct) i think it is more expensive unless you have one of the beautician cards haha (i totally dont know what they are called) but I have two people in our family that could hook me up so luckily I wouldn't have to pay the full price.
she said the lady that sold it to her had super long lashes, like grossly long - the result of using it every day for 5 straight months. Soooo i'm thinkin' this stuff really works! I put it on the b-day list for the hubs but i'm pretty sure he thinks it is a ridiculous thing to want :)

they also have Li Brow
for the eye brow

{Monday mornin' thought} One for the bucket list

If you know me, I'm afraid of most "daring" things.. I'm not one to take risks & i let my worry'ness take over! There was an air show this weekend & they were doing helicopter rides and the whole week my husband was set on going. I went along with it & didn't say much hoping something would come up or i would have some excuse not to go on it with him. So we go and we get there & lex was allowed to go on it (one of my excuses that got shut down quickly) so I left it up to Ty and of course he wanted us to go and I couldn't really turn him down b/c i wanted it to be a fun birthday/fathers day weekend for him. We had to wait for like 30 minutes til we actually went.. so that gave me plenty of time to run everything that could possibly go wrong through my little head. Luckily we landed safely on the ground and i'm soo glad I did it!

I only took my telephoto lens thinking I was just going to take pictures of the planes.. soo cell phone pics will have to do of us in the helicopter

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Ty today! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

{Friday's Film} Beautiful Secret

Don't forget... you are blessed.
It's the little things in life we should cherish & we need to take the time to remember them.
every day.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Muffin or Cake Stand

So I have known for a while now that I was going to make some cute cake stands for Lexi's birthday and they are always useful to have for other get togethers and birthdays. 

I have seen just about a bazillion cake stand tutorials online and basically all it was is: stand, plate, glue.. super easy! The hard part, is finding super cheap and super cute plates to make your cake stand out of. 

I had been on a search since January for plates... and goodwills are not cheap like they are here in Idaho at DI.. but I was still able to find me a good deal on my plates.. 

It was kind of a package deal -they had taped up the 6 plates & sold them for $6.
4 had the design below & 2 had the design above. 
 As you can see in the picture below these had been never used straight from Ross for $3.99 each with the sticker still on it! A savings of $18
 First you need to spray paint all of your plates & stands if you would like.
I chose glass candle holders from the $1 store and liked that look for 5 out of the 6 plates I am doing.

I am using all 6 stands for Lexi's Sweet Shop Birthday Party so I did 2 yellow (which also matches my kitchen), 2 pink (will be nice for lots of occassions & will be the one for lexi's & mine cakes) , 2 aqua blue (ty's bday cake)

I had two nice crystal taller (one broke) candle holders (from our wedding) that will be used for one of my main pink stands.

works perfectly for just about anything you put on a plate.

Total for 6 cake stands:
Thrifted Plates -$6
Dollar Store - Candle Holder-$5
Joanne's - Glue- $2.50 with 40% off coupon

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Wednesday's Want} Summers Sun

I wanted it, and we got it today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Fashion Blogs are the new Fashion Magazines

I have come across two new cute Fashion Blogs found via bloglovin... you can get to bloglovin link by scrolling all the way to the bottom & click on the button.


1. haha i love her header!
2. she's  form Milan & has a super cute style.. my fave are her BALENCIAGA bags!


She's from LA area and has such a fun and more unique look to her.
her style: "i'm kind of obsessed with, fringe, turquoise, feathers, denim, braids, boots and mocassins etc etc."

Click here to see more of her look

WANNA know ONE more cool Look Tip??

it's a fun little site that lets your browse through bazillions of looks & the fashionistas tag where they get the items in their wardrobe. 

you can look at a long list on the right hand side & pick a brand or category then it will go through and pull that brand or category and let your browse through! 
BUT this can be a hit & miss of finding cute styles... SO my thoughts are just to hit the HOT, TOP, or LEADER tab at the top and browse through those! or you can make your very own lookbook just click that tab!

Here's Shea's (from Cheyenne meets Chanel) lookbook
Here's Chiara's (from The Blonde Salad) lookbook

Monday, June 13, 2011

{M.M.T} Fevers

Yesterday lex had a fever so we took her in & she "looked fine" so they sent us home but she still had a 100 fever there (i got a 103.8 at home) and the fever hasn't seem to go away last night I got it to go down to 100 before we put her down but she still woke up with 102 so I called and made her a doctor apt. with her doctor to see what they say.. it's her first fever since she's been born so i haven't had to deal with not knowing what to do in this area.. so in the mean time it's cuddle time & yo gabba!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

{Friday's Film} Kiss Me Slowly

{T.T} How to make a rainy day sunny

ahhhhh it's one of those days I just want to get out of the house & I walk into the garage & go to place my child in & to my dismay...... husband has the carseat!! {biggest pet-peave EVER btw}

soo looks like i'll make a little post... and since Yo Gabba Gabba's {lexi's favorite cartoon} theme was Rain -this will be my theme for my post... This is what makes a rainy day sunny for me!

{if lex still wore onsies I would have this on her asap!}

playing soccer in the rain is probably one of my favorite past times
{beckham just looks better doing it}

{couldn't find image source}

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my better half{s}

This is now officially my husbands month.. last year Father's Day landed on his birthday & this year it lands on the day after.

However, since Father's Day is so close to his birthday he won't be getting anything big for it.. plus wanna know what I got for Mother's Day? mom jeans. haha

sooo does anyone have any clever ideas for pay back on our first real Father's Day?? i need a good one but can't seem to think of any stereotypical dad things.. HELP?

mom jeans was pretty clever, i have to admit!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{T.L} Are your toes ready for summer?

Remember these sandals from this post? Well I was able to buy both those and the wedges.. both on sale over Memorial Day weekend. HOWEVER, the wedges don't quite fit.. and i'm pretty bummed b/c this is the EXACT reason why I hateee buying stuff online. I threw away the package before I realized they didn't fit so now I just have to wait til we go down to Utah to see if I can return them that way... I'm assuming it will be a pain to pay for shipping but I guess I should probably check into that?
But in the meantime i'm lovin these sandals!
oh, and my wonderful mother also bought me that purse as a birthday present 
(which i won't get til' August)

i'm thinkin I need to start making more of those "wish list" & maybe they'll start poppin into my life :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

{M.M.T} Thank You Summer

Thank you summer for finally making an appearance!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Film {Here Comes the Sunshine}

lovin' this song for some reason - Jess Penner "Here Comes the Sunshine"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Living Room & Kitchen - Before & After


Ok so if you didn't already notice... I decided to change up both items I had glazed in this post.. I spray painted the sconces back to just white & I decided to spray paint that white frame black. I thought they fit much better that way. I still have to figure out what to put on the sconces. any ideas? CLICK HERE TO REMEMBER WHAT THE WHITE SCONCES AND BLACK FRAME USED TO LOOK LIKE

Also the zebra doggy bed was originally bought for a little photo prop for the little one but it has worked nicely in that nook under the table as a filler.. b/c lex has been known to crawl up in there about a zillion times a day if it is left empty! AND diggy who was not a dog bed type of dog, has layed in it more than 3x which surprises us each time!

So i did take Before pictures of the kitchen & i have searched EVERYWHERE on my computer and I can't find them..  But, I was able to find ONE single picture off of our external hard drive from 2008 so it's kind of a lame before.. but you can get the picture.. IT WAS UGLY and blah.

We also had to buy handles & knobs for our cabinets & got them all for $45 from Ikea.