Friday, July 29, 2011

{Jelly Fish}

Let's just say a big ole' storm brought in a ton of sea creatures & jelly fish was one of them!
This morning I looked out the balcony to see that the whole shoreline had been moved. All the neighbor condos chairs had been moved closer to the ocean and a big mini ocean pool had been created.

Us girls all stayed in the mini pools for the babes & the boys were all playing in the ocean with the nice big waves that we got overnight. 2 hours later me, my mom, and chelle were headed back up to the pool from a long walk and noticed this group had caught a jelly fish so I go and look at it & then we were informed by a little girl that there were "millions over there in another bucket..." so I went in and grabbed my camera & came back down with Ty & my mom and seriously, they were pulling jelly fish out like they were seaweed. Ty caught a couple with his little shovel we had for the girls. The kids out there were LOVING it - they all were trying to see how many they could catch. There was like 10 jellyfish coming in with each wave, crazy!! I bet the boys were glad they got out of the ocean when they did!
notice everyone is on the shore & not in the water

a little girls buckets...
and two seconds later when she tried to carry it her handle broke..

this poor little thing ended up getting stung..  it was bound to happen though

thought we would make sure we got all the jelly fish tentacles off before we let lex play with it again

it was a gorgeous beach day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Night Crab Hunt

Last night me and the hubs got flashlights & a pail and headed out for a hunt...
for little beach crabs.
We searched back and forth, back and forth.
(even to the point we couldn't figure out which direction was our hotel)
and caught two little ones.

nothing like a late night snack

Sunday, July 24, 2011

{M.M.T} Crawfish

1. we finally checked in to our condo in Orange Beach, i'm looking forward to Day 1 of a full beach day!

2. we tried crawfish for the first time.. not bad. 
ty had found this po-dunk place off the side of the road on the way to get our rental car so we went back and tried it later that day.

since we were newbies at the whole crawfish thing.. he wanted to get out a live one and show it to us

our bag of crawfish goods

Friday, July 22, 2011

{Friday's Film} i'm a mormon

Let's just start with a little intro to this Friday's Film. 

I grew up in Memphis, TN and I have been LDS (mormon) all of my life.

I had maybe 2 or 3 LDS (mormon) friends & I went to a Catholic School from 1st grade til 12th.

95% of my closest friends & family growing up were not mormon.
I had amazinggg friends, seriously  amazing!
I think they helped me more than they could ever know in keeping me strong in my faith. 
they were always supportive

As I grew up, I realized what my priorities needed to be. 
My testimony has grown immensely since the beg. of my high school days.
and, I could not be prouder to say
that I am a Mormon.

I have seen so many misunderstandings about our religion growing up in a non-lds environment. 
We are normal every day people with just a different mindset on how we should live.

It's that different mindset that has blessed me with soo many different things.
Trials and all.

i have never been one to be all "preachy" about my faith

but, there are times when I feel i need to share
a little bit more about why i am, the way i am.

There are a million more of these Mormon Messages clips

to see more: click below on some of my faves

(you always have to be cautious about the false doctrine that people will say about our church via the internet) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Pinwheel Tutorial

Here is how I made the pinwheels from Lexi's Sweet Shop party
Items I used: DOUBLE-SIDED paper, shiska-bob sticks, spray paint, brads, hole punching tool.
-you can use whatever brads you would like & you do not have to use a hole punching tool.. I just used what I already had at home. Whatever you want to use to hold the pieces together you more than likely can just use that to make the hole in the paper.

Step 1: Cut 4 slits into the paper 
- Start at each corner and work your way into the middle but stop well before they meet in the center. Do this for all 4 sides. I put a hole in the outside right hand corner of each triangle.

Step 2: Bring all corners to the center
-I grabbed each corners and placed the brad in each hole and attached all pieces together, including the inside paper.
Step 3: Spray Paint Shiska-bob-sticks
-Shiska-bob-sticks worked perfect if you don't mind that it doesn't spin. I just hot-glued the stick to the back of the paper and covered it with some solid colored fabric i had. The end of the stick has a sharp point which worked well to stick into the ground.
-If you want the pinwheels to spin, you can use a pencil & a flat headed tacs to assemble.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Look {Milk Mustache}

My papaw's old house is full of timeless treasures!! I wish so badly I could go rummage through his house & attic but I will have to wait until the next time I go home to Memphis! He passed away a couple of years ago but my dad still hasn't sold the house. He has however rummaged through it for me and has been kind enough to transport or ship me some good finds! He brought me this typewriter a couple of years ago but just shipped me this vintage mik bottle last week! He would be so proud to see these babies & my photography.. i don't even think he knew I was a photographer. 
Good thing families are an eternal thing :)

Typewriter: my PaPaw's
Milk Bottle: my PaPaw's

Want your own mustache??

Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} Cake Cone Tutorial

Ok so here is the tutorial for the Cake Cones i made at Lexi's party 
which is posted here
inspired by Bakerella

1. bake the cake 
- I actually did this 2 or 3 nights before the party & I just put the remains in sealed up container so it was kept very moist! 
I used the Funfetti Cake & cooked as directed on the box.

The night before the party I started on the rest of the process...

2. I put the cake into a bowl and started crumbling it to pieces. 

3. Then I added Cream Cheese frosting. (any frosting will do)
- Just use the back of a spoon or spatula to just work it all in together.
-I actually had bought a bigger container of frosting than I needed b/c there was only one size in the cream cheese at the store I went to. You will only need the 16 oz. can of frosting. Me and my sister thought they were a bit too moist when we started packing the cones.. it really didn't make a ton of difference in the end & it still tasted good. But if I were doing it over again I would stick to only 16 oz. of frosting or packing it until it looked right..

4. This was the step where we were like "oh crap how are we going to set these??"
-Then Chelle's light bulb went off! "Egg Carton!" They worked like a gem! So all I did was use a knife to puncture 3 sides and then used my finger to push down the rest to make the hole.

5. Now it was time to fill the cones with a base of the frosted up cake crumbs 
this image kinda shows it looking a little more moist than it probably should have been

6. We just started setting all the bases on the upside down egg carton until it was full

7. Once all the bases were filled we started rolling the rest of the cake crumb/frosting dough into balls and just laying them on each cone.
-one box of cake & frosting was enough to fill 11 cones..(ty had ate 1 already out of the package) I somehow managed to have one cone that looked pretty pewny... but that pewny cone ended up being saved in my freezer which I was able to eat after the party. Basically you can probably make 11 cones
(good thinking because there was no left-overs!)

8. Now it is time to put these babies in the freezer. I left them there over night.

 9. Now it was close to 1 am?? and I had to take another egg carton & go spray paint it in the garage so I would have a prettier display for them.
-(You can always do this far in advance but we didn't think of it until that night)
The morning of I woke up and started the dipping process

1st dipping I did was with Almond Bark - Chocolate Flavored Coating 
- I bought the Almond Bark at Super Wal-Mart it was the first place I found it. I'm sure grocery stores carry it as well I have heard Krogers do but I don't have a Krogers in Idaho. I didn't quite use up the whole package on these cones.

they dry quick so it doesn't take too long inbetween dippings. 
2nd dipping I did was with Pink (or whichever color you want) Candy Melts
- I bought mine at Joanne's with a coupon but I'm pretty sure most craft places, grocery stores, or Wal-Mart carries them. 
I used almost the whole bag of candy melts on these cones. 

11. As soon as you dip into the pink candy melt drizzle on the sprinkles b/c it dries quick! 

So i kept these in the freezer until the party started b/c it was outdoors & it was a hot & sunny day.. so i knew they would melt fast if I didn't.. putting them in the fridge would probably be ideal for an indoor party or use.
the sun made it hard to take pictures & i wish i would have gotten a prettier picture, but i guess I was just glad it was bright & sunny for her birthday!!

Ingredients Needed:
1 box of cones
1 box of cake mix
1 can of frosting
1 package of Almond Bark
1 package of Candy Melt
Empy Egg Carton
Wax Paper (if you want to do the tipped over cone look)

{Photo Challenge} Props

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