Saturday, December 31, 2011

* Eleven Fun Finds *

1. Li Lash I got this for Christmas.. so I will have to keep you posted on how it works!!

Meet Ferocious,
Lex loves purses or bags especially when we are out shopping.. she puts it around her arm and on her shoulder.. soo this was a fun find at Macy's today!

5. Some people have Pillow Thoughts.. others have Shower Thoughts

6. Metallic "&" sign.. want it on a pretty little shelf.

7. Bella Couture Dress for a pretty little Blythe Doll,  ahhh how stinkin cute is this doll? I want one now!

9. A yummy Breakfast.. chocolate, m&m, and a pretzel

11. SNEAK PEAK of tomorrows New Year Giveaway.......

Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday's Film {You Is...... }

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this on a blog yesterday... Me & Ty watched The Help with my family last week for the first time... and ty kinda started this little saying as a running joke to say..... it makes me smile!

If you have not seen The Help yet I suggest you do so! It broke my heart to "re-live" the things they went through! I'm from the South & I'm from Memphis.. so I grew up hearing all about Martin Luther King and his movement (Memphis is unfortunately where he was shot).. It played a big part in school and we had several field trips to the Civil Rights Museum.

All I have to say is I loved every bit of this movie, seeing the good & the bad. It had sad parts where I couldn't stop bawling, it had funny parts, and then there were a couple of times when I wanted to slap Hilly around.. but it was played out so well and had such a good flow throughout the entire movie!!

I kept thinking about those moms who just took advantage of being mothers, who didn't really play their role.. It made me grateful for my little girl and the privilege I have to be a stay at home mom.. to raise her, to guide her, and to always be there for her. 
As hard as it is some days dealing with her sassy little 18 month old self, 
I could not be more blessed to spend every moment of every day with her!
She is kind, She is smart, and She is IMPORTANT! She will always be my first priority!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} DIY- sometimes you just fall in love

Well I feel rejuvenated from a nice little Christmas break so I'm ready to start blogging again!!
I'm going to share with yall my most recent blog crush.. Stylizimo

sometimes you just fall in love.
I have fallen in love with just about EVERYTHING on this blog!
If I had a clean slate on a house....... hers would be mine.
everything about her style is gor-gee-ous! no lie.
 seriously.. love the simplicity
AND if i didn't have a kid and a dog.. you better believe I would start painting everything white just like her!
best of all she (Nina, whose Norwegian) does DIY post on her home decor
most ideas you have probably seen before, but hers just seem so much more inviting!

here are 9 of my faves...

1. DIY Dining Table

4. DIY- The cutest bird feed you will ever see

8. DIY Couch for your basement or playroom

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa had a little too much milk & cookies

Santa wasn't very jolly this year for us.. he might have been doing us a favor and trying not to scare Lex anymore than she already was of him. But it looks like he was taking a little cat nap during our photo sesh! We did however like the little Winter Wonderland at Bass Pro.. not to mention seeing Santa was free & we got a picture there.. just bought a digital one online for $10.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Makeup Inspiration

Since, I didn't get a Tuesday's Look in this week... I am going to co-join it with the Friday's Film today!
I don't think anything could look bad on this girl either! 
Her skin is near flawless! 
 Here are a couple of idea tutorials she has for your make-up over the holidays!

Mistletoe Kiss

Midnight Kiss - New Years Look

Loved this tip:

"dry skin comes with the territory in the winter season.. using a cream foundation will reduce dry flakes around the nose and cheeks... Usually Cream Foundation won't have spf so you won't have to worry about your face looking 5x whiter than the rest of your body when you are taking a flash photo."

I almost always have this dry problem on my face out in Idaho.. 
like i said before, I am not big into the expensive brand make-up and I have fallen in love with the 
 Loreal true match 
compact makeup
(it does have spf though)

Starry Nights

We went to Starry Nights tonight & Lex loved it! She for the first time got to get out of her carseat and sit with dad in the front seat ewwing and awwing at all the Christmas Lights! Visited Mistletoe Village & got some hot cocoa & smore kits! Fun little ending to our night!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Posh Pipsqueak Giveaway Winner...

Congratulations Molly!! You were comment number 13!!! 
I will e-mail you shortly to get your address!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I might be a little M.I.A. around here this week.. 
We are busy soaking up the holidays with my fam in Tennessee! We officially started our Christmas shopping on Monday... and it might have been the worst/only option we really had since we were traveling for the holidays.. We did cram in some presents in our suitcases.. but thought it was smartest to just buy when we got here! Definitely fighting some crowds! I'm pretty sure we got all of Lexi's done tonight so just me & ty left.. we are just buying what we want and calling it a suprise.. still have to manage to find some stocking surprises for him so there is something to look forward too.. but I am looking forward to seeing Lexi see Christmas this year.. 
Lexi being the first child, might get a little too spoiled on just about everything.. 
but we can't help ourselves! Hope yall are having fun festivities this week!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Film {Francesca Battistelli -This is the Stuff}

Do you ever have just one of those days?! Where everything is going wrong?? 
Haha I know I have had plenty of them, and every tiny thing gets to me.. luckily today is just starting for me & i am proud to say today isn't one of those days... 

but, love the quirky little video and the message!

It's not the end of the world!

I forget how big I'm blessed!

just remind yourself about this little message when you are in the middle of christmas mayhem with the extended family this coming week :) 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Santa's Milk & Cookies & snacks for the Reindeer & Elves}

I have went through and found some of the cutest ideas I have seen for what to leave for Santa & his reindeer on Christmas Eve!

We will start with Santas milk & cookie ideas....

First up is...
Dear Santa stationary, vintage milk bottle, and a cookie!

Second up is..
(Photography by Naomi V Photography, styling by Sharnel Dollar Designs, Printables by Polkadot Prints)

You just put cookies in a muslin sack attach either a printable or an iron on... want the cute little milk bottle? Check out this post i did to find out where to locally get the mini milk bottles....


Caramel & Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows... find out how to make these over at One Charming Party

North Pole Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas

 Who said Santa couldn't have a coke?

Decorate your own Milk Cartons?

Grab a chalboard, leave a message along with a little somethin for Santa & his reindeer!

simple but oh so cute! found over here

love the see through milk carton & snowballs!   check out this post to find out where to buy it!

Milk Carton printable found over at TheSweetOccasion

Tenth but not least...
This one just looked really pretty!

If you want some more Milk inspiration check out these fun post! 

Now for the Reindeer Snacks!

First off.....
The Story of Reindeer Feed and free printables

Magic Reindeer Food... and how to make it here
click the link above to find out how to make this eco-friendly reindeer feed. 
"What the reindeer don’t eat, the birds are certain to enjoy later."

Reindeer Munchies or this one could work for Santa and the elves snacks too... recipe over here

Now a little something for the Elves!
How cute are these mini donuts?! 
via here
"The box of donuts is really a pill box....Emma's holding her favorite, a cheerio dipped in chocolate, then sprinkles. The others are cheerios dipped in confectioners' sugar and cheerios rolled in cinnamon sugar."

Hope these drew some inspiration for some of you and maybe it can be the start of a new Christmas tradition?! I know I can't wait for Lexi to start enjoying stuff like this!