Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{Guest Post} Making Memories -how & why its important

I'm going to introduce you today to a very special friend who has went through more in life than most at the age of 24... Ashley Sullenger  
Ashley, me, Jess in 2009

She blogs over here and shares her amazing strength and attitude through their journey in what life has thrown at them. If you haven't already heard of them I really do recommend you going through and reading some of her inspiring post! She gives such good insight so I asked her to share a little bit on why creating memories is so important... 


Memories. We all have them, and are constantly making new ones. We tend to focus on the positive ones, and push the negative ones aside. Whether our memories are good or bad, what if suddenly we weren't able to make new ones? What if all we had left were the memories we once took for granted?

July 2010, Preslee, my 18 month daughter, fell into a canal while my husband and I were on a date. She was air lifted to Primary Children's Medical Center in SLC, UT where she fought for her life. I would have never dreamed the last memory I would have with my child would be holding her in my arms while she took her last breath.

Primary Children's Medical Center July 2010

Suddenly I found myself childless, grasping on to the only thing I had left, which were memories.

Now, 19 months later, many of those memories are beginning to fade.

I am so incredibly grateful for everything I did to document Preslee's life. Last year we were blessed with another child, a little boy, we named Ledger. Even if I never lose my son, I realize there will come a day that I will miss my daily routine of being a mom. I now try to preserve any memory I can with Ledger and my husband. Here are a few things that I've come to understand.
Family pictures with Ledger 2011

I love writing, I probably write more than the average person, but I now record a lot more. My blog is incredibly important to me and I love that I can look back and read about Preslee's precious life. I also have a private blog, where I record the more personal things dealing with our family and all of Ledger's milestones. (I'm pretty sure not everyone cares about them as much as his proud mama does) I combine both blogs to create a book using Blurb, which I absolutely love.

One thing I've learned is to work on it more than once a year, if not, it can become extremely overwhelming to put together. Whether it's writing on a blog or in a journal, I understand the importance of documenting our experiences.

I've learned to save all the pictures I take, even the ones that don't seem "blog worthy." My favorite pictures I have of my daughter are the candid ones that depict who she really was. Always save the original, even after you edit it.

This site gives some great tips on organizing and backing up your photos.

When talking to a friend who lost her husband, she suggested to switch off who stands behind the video camera. She explained the same person usually tends to videotape, so they rarely appear in the videos. When I went back and watched ours, I realized that I'm in very few. I now hand the camera over to my husband more often.

This may sound strange, but for me, gratitude and memories are strongly tied together. My strongest memories throughout the years, are when I was the most content and happy with where I was in life.

It's easy to constantly focus on the future, especially when raising children. But, after losing Preslee, I've come to understand every single day is a gift, and I have no idea how many days I have left with the people I love. I now focus on the present, hoping to always make the most of it.

February 2010
I now encourage you to do the same. Get out your camera more often, make time to write, and be grateful for what you have been given. Cherish the moments you get to spend with family and friends, and appreciate the experiences you share with them.

Because I now understand, very few things last forever.

Dear little lexi

so i know cabo sounds nice and all and I know I am not going to be gone longer than 4 days but it is still going to be hard to say good bye to you and not see you for 4 whole days! 

the worse part is to think you will be looking for me..wondering where I went. 
I've been debating on whether or not to try & skype - not sure if that would make it harder seeing you & hearing you call my name? not sure?  Good thing you have gotten VERY attached to mimi the past couple of months.. it makes it easier

i know you will technically be fine..  and are left in the best hands possible

but the thought of it still gives me anixiety.  just so ya know


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesdays Look {whats in our closet - Spring Edition}

I really love doing lookbooks for Tuesdays Look 
but it is super time consuming in finding the perfect items for a look 
and I can't find everything I find in the stores online.. 
soo I am doing another little episode of What's in Our Closet... spring edition.

Floral Wedges: Love Culture

Pink Ruffle: Cotton Tails - L'AMOUR brand

White Bow: Target

Once again you have heard a lot about Elle Bowtique lately..
but seriously i'm one lucky girl to have my sister customize bows for me on a regular basis! I just have to tell her what I'm looking for and the colors I need and she whips up something amazing every time! Here are some of my favorite spring ones she has made for Lexi.

Hair Accessories: Elle Bowtique
Sun Hat: Baby Gap

Monday, February 27, 2012

my little girls 20 month session

I decided to do a kind of Peter Rabbit inspired session with my little girl..  I have been scheming it up for quite a while now but just now was able to get nice enough weather to execute it! So I kinda missed her 18 month mark, she will be 20 months in a couple of weeks!

Dream by Priscilla Ahn on Grooveshark

My Papaw passed away 3 years ago.. and his house is just sitting.. 1/2 way the same way it was when he was still there.  There are a lot of memories going back there and visiting. I always love to go rummage through things and climb up in his attic. We spent every Easter over there along with countless other times... My PaPaw had a nice big garden in the back & when I decided on the theme..  this seemed like the perfect spot for it! The garden is no longer there but the memories are.. and it added the perfect sentimental touch to Lexi's session! 80% of the props were things I scrounged up from his house. big thanks to my husband and sister who are most likely the best assistants ever!

Headband: Elle Bowtique - her shop will open back up this week 

Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Jude drop off from Elle Bowtique

My sister & I delivered the headbands  
graciously made & donated to St. Jude yesterday!
go like her on facebook here
to get updates on all of her amazingly cute bows to come...
Meet Michelle, the one behind Elle Bowtique
click here to see the rest of her family session
She ended up donating 60 headbands!
So instead of originally doing every 10 commenters it ended up being every 3 1/2 commenters.

and these aren't just any headbands.. these are incredibly cute headbands!
They are a super cute Spring Line that will hit her Etsy shop soon 
once she is back in Cali and settled from her trip here in Memphis

Sadly all we were able to do is drop off at their Donation Office at St. Judes.. it would be quite overwhelming for the girls there to be bombarded with donations everyday but they assured us they would be soo excited to get them!! 

if you see something you LOVE and HAVE TO HAVE 
you can go ahead and shoot her an e-mail
to get your name on the waiting list!!
postmark the subject
{Pillow Thought sent me}

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday's Film {My Heart Skips a Beat}

My heart skips a beat for....

This song,
Lenka- My Heart Skips A Beat
i heard it a couple of weeks ago & couldn't find it anywhere then heard it again the other night & googled it immediately before I forgot the words! LOVE IT!

bbq pop chips, i could eat a whole bag of you in one sitting!

the fact that a week from tomorrow me & ty will be in Cabo, where almost 6 years ago we spent it honeymooning.

Dinstuhls Chocolate Covered Strawberries

and of course this little girl, seriously its so sad but I can't even really remember her at this age.. it seems like soo long ago!! I do, but I can hardly fathom how teeny tiny she once was!! ohh i miss it, but i love this stage!