Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Thursday's Tip} Cake Pop Tutorial

We decided to make easter egg cake pops
They are messy but they were just as fun decorating as you would real Easter eggs!
Guaranteed, they taste better too :)
I would deffinitely put it on the Easter Tradition list!


your Cake Pop How-To.. it's pretty simple!


Basically all you need 
to make these yummy little things is:
Cake Mix Box (and all that entails with that)
Edible Easter Grass (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)
Food Coloring
Lollipop Sticks
Wax Paper
2-3 Bags of Candy Melts - DO NOT USE almond bark - it taste, um.. nasty! don't waste your sweet time
Cake Pop Drying Stand (optional but very nice to have a stand! you can also turn your strainer upside down to see if that works!)

Step 1
Bake your cake.

Step 2
Crumble your cake into crumbs into a bowl (don't include the hard crusty parts)
Add in Frosting and stir it all together.

Step 3
Shape your cake pops into whatever shape you would like.
(Refrigerate the mix if it is too soft to work with)

Step 4
Plug your cake pop. Dab the end of your stick into a little of the candy melt & then stick it into the cake pop. (this step is optional I have done it both ways and not sure how much more it helped. It does however help your stick stay put in your ball when you mix into the candy melt in step 5) Then freeze. (This step is HIGHLY important!!) If you do not have a frozen enough cake ball then it has a high chance of falling off your stick when you go to dip into your candy melts. Everytime I have made these, I do Steps 1-4 on Day 1 and decorate & dip on Day 2.

Step 5
Dip & Decorate! I like for my candy melts to be pretty full in my container for when I do the dipping (fuller than what was pictured). This step gets a little messy so be sure to save your good shaped cake balls for last so you can ruin the ugly ones first :)
Also, make sure the candy melt connects to the stick at the bottom to prevent the stick becoming un-attached. Little tip for getting the color you want - there is a Neon Coloring Dye - that works amazing to get the prettier colors.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lenny & Eva Giveaway brought to you by B. loved

photography c/o Kara Jo

Lenny & Eva  quite possibly make my most favorite accessories ever!
there is about a million ways to wear them
my next must-have is the wide cuff and large sentiment.
 whats a sentiment?
they have quotes that fit "your story" and then you clip it on the cuff/braid of your choice
I recently bought one for a friend and a matching one for her daughter
If lex was a little older she would most deffinitely be sporting one too :)

 B. Loved is giving one of their 
thin cuffs & mini "blessed" pendants 
to one lucky Pillow Thought reader!

brought to you by 
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Tuesday's Look {Dress for Summer}

I love burnt orange in the summer, it compliments a nice little tan!
Atlantic by Givers on Grooveshark

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if there is a topic you would like to see in a Tuesdays Look,
leave me a tip in the comment section

Sunday, March 25, 2012

{Monday mornin' thought} Pillow Thought is One Year new!

I first started this little blog so I could publicly share fun and creative things..

I had flip-flopped so much on whether my personal blog should stay public or private. But, I just posted way too much information on my personal family blog to keep it public.

So, I started posting more of that creative kind of stuff on my photography blog..
and that didn't feel right either,
I wanted my photography blog to be strictly photo sessions.

So, that is when I created Pillow Thought!

I never really knew where I was going to go with this little blog...
But, I always knew I wanted it to be a place where inspiration and creativity circulated.

Don't get me wrong.. my long term goal is to eventually be able to make money from subtle advertising.. I still have a business mind set with it because in all honesty I have found my passion. I love blogging and I would love to be able to make this a sort of "job". It's not always easy to explain to my husband why I am spending hours on making a Tuesday's Look instead of doing laundry :) 

This year has had its ups & downs with venturing out and trying to become a good blog, a blog I love, and a blog with readers. It has taken me a year to actually feel like I am going somewhere with it
I am VERY VERY thankful for my friends (real life or blog)
who have followed me a long on this little venture
and keep coming back to support it!

Literally, this month (March)
which marks the 12th month this little blog of mine has been alive..
has seen its biggest number of hits by far!!
That has given me some sort of relief..
it's nice knowing I am talking to someone..  that someone cares
It's silly to think, but feedback is very much needed to keep a blog like this going..
anyways, thank you all who keep coming back!! I appreciate it! lots!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Film {Somebody that I Used to Know}

I heard this song quite a while ago and fell in love with its style.
last night my husband was looking through songs on youtube and came across it. 
I had never seen the video for it..
and it was semi humorous & semi intriguing!

if anything, you can say you got to see 10 hands play one instrument today :) Have fun this weekend!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Tip {Photography 101}

Nikon D5000
more info on this camera here

Stock Lenses- 
Nikon 18-55mm 
Nikon 55-200mm

Fixed Lenses-
Nikon 35mm
Tamron 90mm

3 8gb SD Cards
1 16 gb
2 Batteries
1 Charger  

2 Tripods (nice heavy duty one & one light one from Wal-Mart)
1 Monopod 
1 Backdrop Stand

3 External Hard Drives
2 Jump Drives
Plenty of DVDs

just started using Photoshop CS6 with Camera Raw add on- (CS7)

Photoshop CS5
InDesign CS5
Panorama Maker 4
iMovie HD
Dynamic Photo

Head on over to How Does She to check out my post on how to make these animated GIF's!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mint to Be {Bridal Shower}

Meet Kristin,
one of my best friends that we (bridesmaids) threw this pretty little shower for!
I quite possibly LOVE planning parties... if i lived in a big city permanently i think this is what I would do. I loved styling this one! It's amazing how pretty things get with just a little burlap, lace, and twine!
Oh, and a fun side note.. when I thought of the "mint to be" theme.. I didn't quite realize it was going to be on St. Patrick's Day.. but it worked out perfectly for fitting in!!

Mint Pom Poms
c/o Simply Nesting

hanging lanterns
c/o Burlap & Linen

A little game of He said She said
I interviewed the soon-to-be bride & groom pre-shower
and came up with a list of questions for the attendees to try and answer!
2 winners received either a Panera Bread gift card or Starbucks gift card


Even the bride kept with the mint theme for the hostess favors, i'm totally loving my new mint polish!!