Friday, June 29, 2012

R.A.K. Challenge {summer edition}

Remember when we did the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness?

Well, I figured I should make a R.A.K. Summer Edition, and challenge you to it!
Like, leaving some flowers on your neighbors door step
Leave some money by a carousel
Leave a kite in a park
You can check out our Christmas version of R.A.C.K. to get more ideas on fun things to do!!

Directions for Printing:
-click on the image
-right click save image as

Hopefully it will be ready to print that way? If not, e-mail me & i will be more than happy to send it to you! lindseymarlor{at}gmail{.}com

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun Find {makeup caddy}

i need this. bad!

there is also something similar to this one at Michaels its a Craft Revolving Organizer..
not sure if it is still in stores, i'll have to check next time I go!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Look {do you contour?}

I am no makeup guru,
I have stuck to basics and I haven't really branched out to figure out what all my options really can be...
so we'll start with contouring your face, do you do it?

I have gathered 4 good sources that basically give
you the 411 {steps, products, advice} on what it's all about!

"Contouring can be used to enhance your face for many different reasons.

You may want to look 10 pounds lighter, want a slimmer looking nose, or may just need a nip and tuck look. Whatever it is, contouring can enhance facial features, add definition and create a sense of balance to the face."

"Contouring is the act of using dark or light colors to make features recede or become prominent, respectively. Contouring adds definition, structure, and dimension. "

"It always surprises me that for most women, contouring is often a skipped step. When you apply foundation to your entire face, you’re creating a blank canvas, making it critical to go back and add the dimensions back in."

and for the visual learner

still a skeptic?
well, i'm not so much a skeptic because i want to try it asap...
but I totally can see my face starting to look all discolored by the time i'm done with it myself..
so hitting up a make up store seems like a good first step
so they can do it on my face and give me tips as I go...

Monday, June 25, 2012

hello monday,

oh how i love doing things twice.... yes, this will be the second time i make this post?! it kinda makes me wanna scream considering it was all said and done & then my sister informs me it says its a dead link.. and i go and look and to my dismay somehow my daughter managed to delete this entire post?! I haven't been the most patient person/mom this morning... soo this is not exactly what I wanted to be doing with my time today :) once was good, second round not so much fun! haha someone throw me a chill pill, because i kinda need one today!!

so i'll try to remember it like i said it all the first time around...
Everyday by Sausalito Foxtrot on Grooveshark
I have come to accept that June & July are just going to be busy months! It's been nice though! I hate sitting at home and being bored and I couldn't be more excited that the weather decided to stay nice and warm for us!!

Here's 2 of the bigger hi-lites from last week:
I shot a labor and delivery photo shoot AND a wedding within hours of each other...  She was due last Tuesday so never did I think that those two events would take place basically at the same time! The bride was so sweet and let me be 40 minutes late for their getting ready pictures and I luckily managed to get all the picture I needed for both events!
[just picture me with my hazards on speeding down the interestate, surely cops wont pull you over for hazards right?]

My husbands birthday was on Wednesday and turned 27, and our ages are starting to sound old!

I decided to make Ty a Red Sox fleece blanket, they are so EASY to make, btw!
Ty made one for me while we were dating with the help of one of our friends and he always mentioned he wanted a red sox one.. so when I saw one recently I decided I was going to finally make him one! My mom also got him a WeWood watch that I talked about here.

after ty got outta class we headed to get lunch at the taco bus
and later that night we had another crab boil dinner/party.

tyson got two cakes for his birthday!
He wanted a german chocolate cake that his grandma makes him and that didn't sound good so i got him another one too that people could eat.
But, can I just say my homemade bought oreo cake tasted ahhh-mazing!!
I also found some trickster re-lightable candles that I used for his cake 
sadly he caught onto it before hand!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 Family Pictures

Tara is a GEM for putting up with me & my ocd self of putting together our concept!
Especially, since she was 8 months pregnant at the time!

and thank you all a TON for all your votes on the Top 25 Mom Photographer!! Seriously couldn't have done it without yall!!
We were able to place up at the top, thanks to all of you!