Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Look {simple, cute, & from madewell}

We went shopping last week and it was my first time to Madewell.. and i kinda fell in love.
The store is super cute, and i kinda hate to say it but their website just doesn't do the store justice!

If you follow along on Instagram you might have already seen me post about my new ring,
and someone made the comment about how they wish Madewell wasn't so expensive..
I didn't even notice their high prices until I visited their site...
so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items from their store,
that aren't soo expensive! I also was wearing the autograph tee in yesterdays post.

Ok, so the bag might be a little pricey.. but it's leather & sooo stinking gorgeous!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

our first Weekend in DC

Well, we got to see a little bit of this big 'ole city this weekend
and I learned a little something..

i NEED to be taking more pictures out of the car window...
who knows what gems we all could be finding when we go to upload our images

seriously, though.

Our site-seeing for the weekend, the National Mall:
Washington Monument ✔
U.S. Capitol Building ✔
(both from afar)
Smithsonian 1 & 2 ✔
a drive by the White House ✔

oh and Ford Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated  ✔

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Film {Easy Bun Tutorial}

just a cute little bun tutorial for all, on this lovely Friday!!
Hope you have an exciting weekend planned ahead!!
my goal for the weekend: visit some DC sites, and see the White House for the first time

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bringing Lace into Fall

Well, I figured I needed to do another Tuesday's Look.. especially since my birthdays next Thursday. Maybe it will help give the husband some major tips on the last-minute gift buying...

I am dreaming of something you can wear during Summer and all the way into Fall..

my inspration: Lace & Leather with a twist of Indian Reservation

- 1 - 2  - 3 - 4  -5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Idaho Summer Nights

One of our favorite places in the summer is to hang out in Tyson's grandparents backyard.. Lexi loves to rummage through great grandmas beautiful garden.. and I just love to photograph it! It's honestly gorgeous there in the summer. Too bad it's not like that year round.. now, that would be perfect :)

Anyways, the night before we left (we are now in Washington, DC for a month) we had a little family bbq.. and I couldn't help but photograph it. Sorry it seems like it has been basically just photos of us lately and nothing else.. I promise it will shortly get back to our normal blog groove once things settle back down.

Today is our first day in DC.. all we brought were literally the basics and packed like we were going on a vacation.. so we have no car, no tv, and we had no interenet... so I did a little research and found out that my iphone does have a hotspot.. so I called and added that to our plan.. the husband will just have to deal with it, if he wants a happy wife :)

Oh, and Welcome to all the new followers!!
I have LOVED seeing all of you who have recently joined in on the fun!!!

little Lexi's Outfit:
Overalls - Gap
Boots- Target
Head Wrap- homemade

Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Fairy Garden {behind the scenes}

I did a lot of research on figuring out exactly how I wanted our Fairy Garden to look..
and I also wanted little scenes around the garden for the Scavenger Hunt.
Honestly, you kinda just have to work with what you find.. but I will go ahead and list all of the places we got our items..and how it all went down behind the scenes..

Oh, and there is this REALLY good fairy blog that I went to, to get Fairy Inspiration!
It's called the Magic Onion.
If you are wanting to make a fairy garden..
I would totally head there too because they had some fun ideas!
I found my hollow rock at Joannes and there was a  60 or 70% off all summer garden items.. so it was originally a $60 item and I also had a 15% off entire purchase so i got it for around $16. Then we went to a nursery and bought Scotch Moss to use as our grass.
My husband used dirt as the filler for the bottom half and just kept doing a step by step process placing each one in.. there was a gap in one corner when we were all done.. but i used that section for a tiny terra cotta pot (bought from Porters/craft store) 
To maintain the health of the moss, use a spray bottle to spritz it,
i would do it a couple times a day & make sure it gets a little sun & shade too!

I searched almost everywhere for something that would work for a tree,
and out of all the places i searched..
(nursery, floral shops, Wal-Marts garden section, Home Depot..)
I ended up finding one at a grocery store!!
(a tree might be your hardest thing to find)
one floral shop said if they would have known they could have ordered something for me...
not sure how much that would cost?!
I used a little kitchen sauce dipping bowl and spray painted it to match the scene. Then filled it with a little bit of water & my husband found a flower in the garden that had little enough offsprings to lay on top of the water.

I actually found this idea somewhere else.. but whoever originally thought of it was pure genius!!
All you do is find a toy car and take of the rubber wheel..

My husband informed me you will have to find an older metal one.. because they have switched things now days and mostly just make plastic wheels for car toys,

I didn't want to make it too heavy since it wasn't hanging on a real branch so I untwisted one of the twines and used that to have it hang on.. I also didn't want to hot-glue it on the actual plant so I wrapped it over, then did the hot-glue just on the twine to attach the two sections leaving a little hole so it could potentially slide and not be stuck.

Most craft store right now will have little wooden birdhouses.. I got mine from Joannes for $1.
Michael should carry them too! I went and picked leaves off of a tree the day before the party & my sister hot-glued them on to the top of the hut.. then found some moist dirt/mud and started finger-painting it!

These were pretty simple, all you need to do is gather rocks & twigs.. I just had my husband saw of a thicker branch to be the top of the table & cute the little twigs to the right size to make legs.. and hot-glued them together... you can make a 3-legged or 4-legged table.
As for the fabric banner, I used shiskabob sticks from the grocery store, and cut little banner triangles out of fabric then sewed it through each one and hot glued the thread to the sticks. I had to cut down the sticks to fit the scene though.

We found Birch Buttons 3/8 in. at Porters a local craft store.. i thought i had paints at home but didn't have the color red.. so my sister came up with the idea just to use her red nail polish and it worked perfect, especially since it's such a small area you are covering.. So i painted the red then my sister used tooth picks to dab on the white dots.

1. Dew Drop Darling Faerie Figurine Collection from here
fyi: they only give you two..
and you can call them on the phone and request which ones you want.
2. Target miniature/medium Barbie fairy
3. Target miniature Barbie fairy
4. Michaels - Safari Fairy Fantasies Miniature Collectibles Tube.. I used for their favors & in one garden scene. Then Michaels also has another section where they have a little bit bigger fairies along with more mythical figurines.. it was on a side wall in our store. You really have to look.. because I shopped in their twice looking for something and came across it the second time. The image belows showcases the Michaels Fairy (the one in the blue house was in the tube & the one by the rock is the one off the shelf)
5. Wal-Mart miniature Disney fairies

First of all, the gnome door is AMAZING! It was a must on my check-list for a fairy garden and good thing because all of the kids LOVED this one! 
It is from Nothin' but wood, I HIGHLY recommend them!
As for the gnomes, I had a hard time finding some small enough.. but my mom found some that were perfect from Hobby Lobby, so she sent those my way! The birdhouse is from Porters a craft store & the birds nest is from Michaels in the scrapbook section.
I had also bought a necklace that had about 6 or so keys on it from the Icing..
and used that one to put on the gnomes hand
I bought the crown from Icing.. and didn't love the flowers on it
so I swapped them out with this Orange/Peach Ombre Scrapbook flowers from Michaels..
just hot-glued them on & had my husband cut it down to size..
I then just hot-glued the wires back together where he had to cut.

All other items used:
Fence: Joannes
Glass Ladybug: Porter's / Craft Store
Birdhouse: Porters
Birds Nest: Michaels
Blue Fairy Throne: Pier 1
Moss: Porter's / Craft Store
some of these items might be seasonal.

Hope you enjoy your garden if you decide to make one!!
We keep ours in her great grandmas garden and loves to visit it!
I figured she could keep it alive better than me :)

Also, to see the rest of the Enchanted Garden Party post,  click here!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lexi's Enchanted Garden 2nd Birthday Party


I thought it would be fun to make Lexi her own little fairy garden so my husband & I put together a cute little fairy village.. i'm pretty sure this might become an annual summer thing as Lexi gets older! {tutorial/diy post to come}

curious about the Party Details?

Table Food:

miniature popsicle sticks from craft store (Joannes, Michaels, Walmart)
found a printable offline for a seed packet & hot glued- the two together. 
Used nongrease brown cupcake liners from here
Used fudge type icing from the bakery at grocery store to put on top of chocolate cupcake.. grounded up Chocolate creme centered Oreos for the soil.

Cake: My sister made it,
She used the cupcake silicone & just didn't use the top half.. used frosting from the grocery store bakery and had them die it to the color I wanted we got 1lb & it cost around $4?
Used pearls & clear shimmer flakes (Joannes) to go around the edge
Butterfly came in a pack from Michaels

Sandwiches: we made 2 kinds
Sandwich Thins , thin slice provolone, & turkey deli meat
Sandwich Thins , thin slice provolone, & shredded caeser chicken 
(crock pot the chicken thick cubes in caeser dressing then shred the chicken with a hand mixer)
Used parchment paper (grocery store), brown paper (you can buy a roll from the dollar store), & twine (craft store or Wal-Mart) to tie it off

Fruit & Veggies Cups
Cups Burpee eco friendly Seed Starting pots (Home Depot or Kmart)
Used parchment paper to line
Bakers Twine to wrap & made my own labels

Chipmunk Mix & Stand:
used cone tutorial from here
made my own labels
stand: flat circle styrofoam & used a pencil to stab holes where I wanted cones to go.. did one by one and started in the back.. then filled in moss once it was on the table.

Kid Drinks with chalkboard: Pink Lemonade Party Shop
Bottles (Ikea or Porters)
Made my own tags
I just made lemonade - dyed it sherbert color with one drop of red dye and added blueberries

Mint Paper Straws: online
Plates: here & here
Forks: here
Napkins: party supply store

Party Favors:
Chalkboard Buckets: Target dollar section
Fairy Dust Jar: Pink Lemonade Party Shop
I used orange pixie stix in the large tube to fill
made the tags myself
Net, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, & Wand: Zurchers party supply store
Fairy: in a tube at Michaels or here
Jars: found a bunch of them for super cheap a year ago a thrift store.. just spray painted the tops.
Tags I made myself

Fairy Garden:
Gnome Door - Nothin' but Wood

a whole DIY post on a Fairy Garden will be coming soon
i'll post the link here when it is up

Assortment of Poms in trees - Simply Nesting

big thanks to my sis & husband for pulling it all together with me!!
if i forgot something you were curious about just let me know!
You can also check out Lexi's 2 year session here