Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or Treat!

 About a month ago, me and ty had come across a list of pretty funny pranks..
one being to disguise an onion for a caramel apple.
We thought it would be perfect for our annual Halloween Party with our friends
and I have to admit it was quite hilarious!
While the boys were downstairs watching football some of the girls wanted to cut them all open so you could try a variety of dippings.. so I had to break out the secret so it wouldn't get ruined..
so we turned the prank towards the boys
and headed downstairs to share the yummy caramel apples!

I am not the best secret keeper, at all.
and girls get a bit giggly
but luckily Wyatt was a little oblivious regardless as to what was really going on!

super funny and harmless little trick that I would totally recommend at your next get together!!

 the onion was the m&m one in the middle
recipes & tutorials I followed were here & here

the unlucky one!
he was such a good sport though and we owe him a nice little dinner for it! :)
and this video might just be funny for all of us ha!

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend getaways

 Weekend getaways are kinda the best around here..
Especially when you leave the snow behind
Seriously on our drive back home we didn't start seeing snow until 15 miles from home!
Looks like the majority of the snow storm dumped especially hard on our little town!
Hopefully by mid week it will all be gone again?!
I'm ready to enjoy Fall again in Idaho!!
Thursday night we decided to head down to Salt Lake City, UT for the weekend
just to get out, shop, and visit with friends!
We left Friday afternoon when Ty got out of classes and we arrived around dinner time so we walked over to temple square and then walked to Benihanas for dinner
Japanese steak houses are my all time favorite!
Saturday we spent it shopping, IKEA, Cornbellys, & dinner at Tucanos
Sunday -sightseeing & drove home!

 playing the drums with chopsticks, no big deal

 Nordstroms wins the best kid friendly store at the mall award!!
they had cute little festive halloween activities for them
along with some candy treats, something we needed for bribery in the last 3 stores we had been into!
she was a good sport though!

then off to Barnyard Boo in American Fork with friends

 it's not gonna happen!
 she had much more fun watching her friend ride the pony! ha!

 excuse my hand on the hip pose, i forgot i wasn't lexi for a moment!!
 Tucanos, it was our first time there.. and won't be our last.. seriously so good!!

 Sunday we went for a drive in downtown SLC and then grabbed lunch and headed home!

  Lexi: Top: Nordstroms Tights: Childrens Place Boots: Joy Folie
Me: Sweater: H&M Leggings: Cotton On Boots: Famous Footwear
Ty Tops:H&M Jeans:Nordstroms