Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eventful Day in LA

This is the 3rd time in 3 months that we have made it to downtown LA. We figured we would try to see everything we wanted to before we headed back to Idaho.
Our first stop: the Fantasy Factory -this is one of Ty's top things he wanted to see.. we took pictures of the outside.. ty talked to the receptionist on the speaker and they said they aren't open to the public.. (we kinda figured but just checkin)

Our next stop was to the Grove and we had lunch at the Farmers Market..

then our next stop.. Rodeo Drive

walked the strip, hung out, took pics, and we headed back to the parking garage got the truck and I was typing in our next spot when I look up and out of my window and guess who is a car distance away from my face.. Jessica Simpson.. yes I am still obsessed with her, she's just a classy girl and she seems still so humble! so i think my exact words were "SHUTUP, THAT'S JESSICA SIMPSON" as I grab for my camera- just a natural instinct of mine. so I took a couple shots out the window as we drove past while she waited for her friend to pay the meter..

then everyones turning around to see if it was really her.. so we pulled over to the side of the rode a bit further up to see if she would walk past again and she had went in to Cheesecake Factory - so what do we do? hmm cheesecake sounds good right about now?! Yes, we go park and get cheescake. So me and lexie "went to the bathroom" on this secluded side.. try to play the oh we're lost where the bathroom? -(i stink at this by the way, if it weren't for lexie (friend lexie not my baby) I probably totally would have ruined it & we had taken little lex with us) so we go up stairs to the bathroom thinking their was like a hidden section for celebrities since we were the next street over from Rodeo Drive and realize there was nothing up there.. so we head back down and umm there she is sitting in a booth with her friend, and she was crying... seriously felt so bad for her! so of course we just kept going and went back to our seats and just let her be- i dont think we would have said anything to her even if she wasn't crying. (They were the only table/booth back in that part)

So we had a nice little cheesecake (the Godiva one) and headed off to our next spot LA Ink
It's a reality tv show that me and ty watch.. we are not tattoo people.. I would never ever get one but the show was interesting..

Our next stop the Hollywood Sign

Now we were trying to figure out what else to do.. if we went home we would probably be stuck in traffic forever so we decided to go scout out celebs houses.. first stop Lauren Conrad..

pretty sure this was the house that they filmed one of the seasons of the Hills in and I don't think she still lives there..
{unless she just had a welcome home chinese themed party}

then we found Rob's so we headed there next.. So we got to the address & the rest of the gang were contemplating whether or not it was really Rob's house, I thought it looked way similar to the house from the newer shows.. so i jump out to go take a picture b/c we had pulled over a little up past his house and one of his neighbors across the street was spraying off the sidewalk so I asked him if it was Rob's house and he was like ya you just missed him he just pulled in like 5 min. ago in his black bentley..

so ty had rolled down his window listening to the convo so when i came back to the truck after taking a pic the boys were like "see if yall wouldnt have made us go to Lauren Conrads house we could have seen him" {little did they know...} so we talked in the car and I had asked should i go ring the door bell everyone told me no - i get back in the car and we were turning around b/c I technically didn't get the shot I wanted b/c I was up too close {still never ended up getting another shot} so when we had turned around the neighbor started waving us down thinking we were leaving so i jumped out of the truck b/c i already was going to take another picture and he's like "just go up and ring the door bell he's cool" I'm like OK thank you someone for giving me the go ahead haha {seriously though- my thoughts were 1. he is never going to answer, it can't hurt 2. i'll ring the doorbell once and no ones going to show so we just leave - we're not bugging him 3. if he's really annoyed he just wont answer- like normal people would do - no biggie- atleast we tried it}   So we walk up to the door, there's a camera aiming right towards us.. seriously not expecting anyone to come over the speaker when all of a sudden it's HIM.. I can't totally remember the beg. of the convo but it went something like this
Rob: hello?
Me: Rob?!
Lexie(another couple went with us):seriously?!
Me: We were wondering if we could meet you we are from Idaho and our husbands are huge fans!
Rob: how did you get this number? (totally confused) no one from Idaho has this number
Me & Lexie: uhh we pressed the button we're outside of your house
Rob: oh your outside.. that's kinda stalkerish. see normally I would check the camera and just straight up ignore you but I had just got off the phone with a business call and I thought he had called me back.
Us: we know, sorry,  can we meet you?
Rob: well I guess since you got me I'll come out for a second
Lexie: that would be fabulous
Rob: fabulousssss
and we just started freaking out- I tell ty to run and get lex out b/c she is now screaming in the truck and garrett was still waiting in the truck with her and so when rob comes out he's like

Rob "come on husbands let's go! Let's snap some picture!" (looks like he just woke up)
Tyson gets little lex out of the car.
Rob "oh there's a baby. You didn't tell me there was a baby. Bring the family!"

So we do the whole intro thing  -hugs, you're awesome, we love your show
Rob's like "she has a flower on her head and diamonds in her ears"
then we took pictures with him

and then he asked me and ty how long we've been married, how old we were & he's like let me take a picture of yall I want to show my girlfriend.. so he whips out his phone and take a picture of us with his phone. just a family pic without rob on his phone, kinda funny

so we talked for a bit, thanked him for being totally cool & letting us intrude in on his space & he was seriously so nice to us - oh ya, he was like normally we try and take our address off of all those list as soon as we hear it pops up so we filled him in on where it was leaked.. it was the least we could do for stalking, right?! haha but seriously we all had so much adrenaline going on the ride home!!

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