Sunday, April 17, 2011

{M.M.T} Living Room Makeover

Ok, so it's final Tyson's letting me paint the downstairs, kitchen cabinets, and a random wood stair railing. I'm just going to paint the downstairs & kitchen a gray color & then I'm going to have a friend/family member do our stair railing & kitchen cabinets... hopefully they turn out! I'm a little nervous b/c our carpets are this dark tan/brown color..... we'll see I guess! I'm going to buy paint today along with some other errands so I'm thinking the painting will start Tuesday!
 this little area will be my project for the week {tbc...}

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  1. That is a HUGE project! Wish I was there to help you because I thorougly enjoy doing those kind of projects. Remember when we painted Lexi's room before you were preg with her? That was fun. Miss you girl.


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