Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Painting...

Ok, so I have HATED our downstairs walls for forever now! I tried painting a section of our wall last year and I tried two different colors and hated them both so I GAVE UP and I am back home and I re-hate our walls again.. (hate our carpet color as well but they can't be changed) During the day it's fine for the most part- just don't like the brown tones.. it's not me, then at night it turns to this pukey color and it drives me nuts! I thought it might be our light fixtures giving off this yellow tint- it still might be? But I have a darker gray in our bedroom & laundry room but there is this ugly tan in our kitchen and living room areas.. and I think I am going to try again and change the color.. I feel like it will change my attitude and look of our house.. along with some other changes I think will be needed for the downstairs! I know my husband dreads me even talking about this but I can try and make the makeover on a CHEAP budget, right? we'll see! I would however LOVE to pay someone to paint.. it's my least favorite and whoever made these stupid townhomes made the downstairs with baseboards, chair railing, and crown molding ANDDDD did I mention 4 doors just in the downstairs living area.. Can I say mayyyyy-jor pain to paint around! Anyone know of a cheap painter that would love to paint our downstairs and repaint all of the white parts white again? I'd be the happiest girl alive to not have to do it.. but I'm thinking in order to be CHEAP about it I'm going to be stuck (along with my loving sister?!) and do it myself- b/c I know my husband is going to say "they look just fine the way they are" just so he can fore-go this change and all of the hassle that will come along with it!  So anyways before I go buy plenty of paint samples I have been playing around with the most awesome site EVER

You take a picture of your room, which I did below -I did one in daytime (keep in mind We just unloaded all of our crap from being away for 3 months today) and you will go and mask the walls and pick out different colors you want to try.. here's the before pictures
I also did a night picture -see, you can see the puke color coming out- i'm getting grossed out as we speak looking at it in person. 
Pewter Cast

These were some of the ones that looked good to me both during day and night.. I was kinda suprised on how different some looked going from day to night & I'm sure it isn't totally accurate but it definitely helped me cancel out a lot of colors I had thought about!! Plus it's making me want to decorate the walls and accents a lot different! It needs a fresh look not so tannnn and blah! I'm also wondering if I need to check into changing out the glass fixtures to see if thats adding the extra yellow tinting at night?! Any thoughts?
or do i go dark ?! ahh decisions I stink at making decisions like this!!


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  1. That site is awesome! But good luck, that's a hard decision. With all the white molding and it's such a large space I think you could possibly get away with the dark color. (I think that was my favorite, but I liked them all) When you painted your bedroom a darker color did it seem to shrink? When our front room was dark it made me depressed, but our front room is tiny. Sorry I'm not much help, I'm more indecisive then you are!


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