Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Pastel Nail Polish

I'm loving pastels right now, maybe because it's Spring time?! But pastels are just so pretty & subtle! While in Cali I found the cutest nail polish for $1 at this clothing store.. it's a super good nail polish & i loved the fact that they were so stinkin cheap! Here's the two that I use that are my faves... When I wore the pale blue Ty told me my fingers looked like Easter eggs.. I still thought they looked pretty!

On another nail trend note... crackle nail polish
Their are two popular brands OPI & China Glaze.
China Glaze has tons of pretty colors! You can also try on the colors here to see which color your prefer - it also has a feature to change your skin color and nail length.. pretty sweet huh?!
How does it work?
You apply the Crackle shade as a top coat over the color base of your choosing, either 1 or 2 coats. Then apply a thin layer of your Crackle shade over the top and within 5 minutes, the crackled look is completely formed. You can go over it with a top coat to seal the crackle in. I think you may be able to use any brand for the base just make sure it's the crackle polish for the top.

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