Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 Room over a period of 2 years {a backpost}

{Sep 24, 2009 post}
My friend Bre was in town while Ty was gone so her and her little girl Aubrey stayed with me.. we also threw our "2nd Annual" Yard Sale... last year we did it at her place with a couple of other friends.. I didn't think I had much to sell.. but i ended up scrounging up enough.. Bre on the other hand had a ton.. she also had some furniture from her mom's rental houses.. well while we went through the stuff she was going to sell in the yard sale i found this cute little desk(picture below).. [i was about to re-do our office so i was wanting a new desk.. our other one is not so cute and kinda big for the room].. anyways Bre's mom was kind enough to let me buy it from her since she wasn't planning on selling it..
[the desk before the make-over.. only before picture i took was off my phone]
[Our office before the make-over]... It was the "Red Sox" room.. I forgot to take a picture while everything was still in there and put together, but you get the picture it wasn't particularly stylish.

And now for the finished/not completely finished Office.. I still have to figure out the frames setup on the wall..

I changed out the lighting and added this cute little chandelier.. It was all white.. but we (tyson helped) spray paint it black.. Tyson also gets credit because he sanded down the desk and helped paint it

I love it! It still needs finishing touches but it's much more charming to be in while I'm editing and doing home work.. Thanks Less & Bre for the help!



{Feb 17, 2010 post}

Just thought I would update.. Remember this little project I started back in September? Well I never did post when I got it semi-finished in October.. then in mid November we found out this office would most likely turn into a nursery.. and it is. So this room will have a NEW makeover before July comes... I only have 2 more weeks from today until we find out what we are having!! March 3rd could not come sooner! Anyways back to the room.. if it's a boy I will most likely stick with this blue and paint the rest of the walls.. and if it's a girl it will be a cute little pink! {of course} I miss my pink walls so when we do have a girl I will be able to have my pink room back! I haven't quite figured out how I can keep some of the things in here and pull it off for a baby boy room so we will see how that goes..

{July 23, 2010 post}
Lexi's Princess Room

I eventually want to get curtains made to match her bedding but I'm just glad it's finally all put together!

{Where did I get my items?}
Lexi's Bedding: Etsy
Glamorous Sign: TJ Maxx
Chandelier: Home Depot or Lowes? & I spray painted it black
Light Switch cover: Ebay
Black Frame over the crib: Ikea
"A" above the crib: Kohls
Other random frames: Hobby Lobby, $1 Store, and DI
White Frame & Pink & Black Damask Chest thing: TJ Maxx
Glider/rocker: Craigslist & me and chelle reupholstered it black-fabric from Wal-Mart
Crib: JC Penny's online
Changing Table: online i forget where?


  1. So Lindsey, before you start thinking I'm some freakazoid, let me say that my husband Kevin was in Tyson's ward growing up. I love your blog! I don't even remember who's I was on when I saw yours, but this is dang cute girl! And can I just say I love allll your decorations. and just want them.

  2. I love your house! You did such a fabulous job decorating. I wish my place looked like that


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