Monday, May 9, 2011

{M.M.T.} Blue Mason Jars

I think I have fallen in love with blue mason jars and their rustic gray caps.

A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend at a place called Hidden Treasures. I saw these gorgeous blue mason jars.. they were $12 and I thought that was a tad expensive for 1 old jar. But, as time has gone by I keep thinking about those blue jars and how pretty they could look in our home! I might just have to go back and grab those aqua blue treasures!

Oh and our kitchen is majority finished so I am determined to start using it to it's full potential... i'm sure ty will be happy!
{update} click here, here & here to see where I've used our own blue mason jars I've bought

 photo courtesy of: whiteonricecouple

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  1. With the flowers it looks really cute! I'm really impressed. I've only seen people put them up plain and haven't loved them. I feel bad we gave all of them away now.


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