Monday, May 2, 2011

{M.M.T.} Glazing Process

So, I decided over the weekend that I wanted these 2 little pieces to work in our downstairs. They obviously wouldn't fit in, in their original state so I thought making them white with some black accents would make them work so I did a little glazing process on these suckers..

Frame- {free} courtesy from my Papaw's old house that my dad brought up last summer
Sconces - bought about a year ago for {$1.50 each} at DI (a thrift store).

I used a kilz spray primer for two coats.  Then I probably did 2 or 3 more coats of a Krylon Gloss Spray Paint in white- {just until it looked like it evenly covered it -the spray paint dries within 10 minutes - just eye ball it}
OK, so no matter what people tell you - stain will NOT work for this! I had sent Ty to Wal-Mart to grab the things I needed, they didn't have everything? so he went to Ace & supposedly both people told him stain would work... so after realizing the stain was not rubbing off I had to re- spray paint the bit I stained back to white then I went to Sherwin Williams (closest paint place) and got the real stuff.. Glaze. Since I had nooo idea what I was doing I just asked the lady I need some black glaze I'm doing a rub on a frame & she knew exactly what I was talking about and did it all for me.

So they give you two cans- i didn't know which was which at first but one's paint & one is the glaze.. the glaze is this white glossy gelly looking stuff and the paint is what they mix the black into. For some reason I thought the glaze was suppose to be the black one. Nope.
You have to mix the 2 into a separate bucket.. I got one for a $1 at the store that had a little measuring thing on the side so that was helpful! {Except when you pour more paint than needed and you surpass the measurement you wanted so you have to pour some back out & scrape with the stick where you can see what the measurement is showing to figure out how far down the paint really is and then guesstimate how much you are pouring (it got complicated for a minute)} They tell you to use 1 part paint to 2 parts glaze.

Example: for my project I did 1 oz paint & 2 oz glaze.. and it was plenty enough! Glaze is more expen$ive and it last through manyyy projects {i think i heard up to 6?}

so here's the glazing part, I used a cheap $1 brush with bristles and painted on the glaze then I grabbed my wet/damp rag and wiped off the areas I didn't want the black on. You just have to eye ball it again to get to the point where you like. I still wanted majority white so I just tried to keep the black in just the crevices of the sconce.

so after I got done I wasn't sure which one I liked better. I think I like the cleaner white look for the sconce but I knew I was going to need it to match my frame and the frame could not be kept plain white due to the many creeks and cracks in it. {linked up to todayscreativeblog}
So the sun was making tons of shadowing when I was finally finishing the frame so it was hard for me to tell if I was equally getting the black in all the spaces I wanted for the frame. I waited until the next day and realized which spots needed to be re-touched so I will just have to fix those when I do the other sconce. But here are the before and afters... and I'm much more sure the white frame will look tons better when it has a cute little family picture & put up against our gray walls. {i know it doesn't look good or at it's full potential against a white door}


  1. Love them! Can't wait to see the family picture up in that frame!

  2. Those turned out awesome!! Cute idea :)

  3. I LOVE that you posted about this! Haha, and I'm dang glad you showed how you did it because I have been wondering for a while now!

  4. Looks great! I just did my first glazing project last week also and I did a ton of blog research on the topic. What I ended up doing was buying Valspar Antiquing Glaze that cost about $8 and it was actually already black! So basically I just bought the little jar (with a handy screw on lid) and I used a rag to glaze my table, wiping it off as per usual. Your projects look really great though, and you obviously have the supplies now, just thought you might be interested in how I did mine! Here's the link:


  5. I've been a little nervous to try glaze, but you make it seem so easy! I would love if you would link up this project to our {{What I Made Wednesday Linky Party}}! Thanks!



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