Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Fun Find

so I was in DI yesterday with my sister and we came across a pretty sweet find! It will be perfect for Lexi's "Sweet Shoppe" theme 1st birthday party in a couple of months & it makes for a fun garage piece.. (that's how I sold it to my husband... since theres no room for it in our house) He has a ping pong table in the garage so I figured it could be his "man bar" - stocked with mountain dews & treats! I already figured a mini fridge could fit in the backside..   oh an did you know you can ask them to lower the price for no reason?! ha I was so desperate to have it I just asked when the guy was tagging it and they lowered it $5.. my sister responded after I asked "this is not a garage sale" ha, but it worked! I also found a little candy jar for $1.50 so my collection has started for a fun candy birthday party! I'll have before & after of everything when the day comes...

I'm still debating on what color this piece is going to be... White or Black?! Help me out and leave your opinion!!
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  1. LOVE!

    i'd totally paint it white. with the sweet shope theme... white will make the colors pop. i'm guessing there might be some pink in there... so it'll look stunning!

    SWEET find!

    i always ask to lower prices at the di. :) it never hurts to ask.

  2. I say black because it's going in a garage.
    I say white because it will go so well for the candy themed party.
    Can't wait to see it finished!
    How's your quilt coming along?

  3. My word verification word was just comdom. Seems like I always get racey words on just your blog. Just saying...

  4. @Breanne
    haha i know i think white will be much prettier for the party... but not ideal for the garage?? party might just over ride that decision! and I personally pick which word verification you get! that makes me laugh though!

  5. You have to paint it white for the sweet shoppe party! It would be uber cute! Then you can just spray paint it whatever color you want after that. All the candies and treats will look so bright and fresh on a white "counter" just like in real sweet shoppes.

    Found you on VR and I love your blog!

    Great job!


  6. thanks for comment! White it is!

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  8. Hurry, I want to see the finished product. That will be so cute for her party. I wish we could be there for it!

    aka- Weezi


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