Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Wednesday Want

I have been wanting a quilt lately.

They for the first time in my life look so comfy & cute! Cute for a little picnic or cute for just some layin around on the couch.. I really love the patterns below that i found on this blog it made me think "oh i could totally make something like that, they make it look simple enough" I know it would probably take me a million years & a week into it i probably would regret it but i might try?!

But, the thing i love most in looking at their pictures is that it looks like they just kinda threw patches in wherever and weren't trying to make it look all perfectly matchy matchy with the squares.. that's my kinda sewing! I don't have the patience to get all correcto with sewing techniques i just go with the flow and make it work somehow!

ok so maybe i've already talked myself out of making one... it looks like a lot of work the more I look at it..
anyone know of somewhere that has really cute pattern quilts like this one?


  1. you could sew (no pun intended) have a quilt like this of your own! just cut some 4x4 inch squares and sew away. DO IT! okay... did i talk you into it?
    I DID?
    can't wait to see it! I'm sure I'll see a blog post once it's done!

  2. hahah bre you crack me up! Ty even told me theres no way i could do it.. how about you make me one?! k! I'll pay you top dollar -$40 ?! hah i bet fabric alone will be $20 or more?


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