Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} BLUE Lights & Sleep -a must read

Ok remember how I have posted about Lexi and her not so good sleeping during the night?!

Well that book helped tons for the last month in Cali then we were back to Idaho it seemed like her sleeping got worse and worse and back to where it began! It's been super frustrating and I might be to blame for a little bit of it along with her teething..
I kinda got lazy so when she started waking up at 6,7, or 8 I would just make her a bottle and give it to her in her crib and she would most of the time fall back asleep for 1-2 more hours.. then she got to where she started waking up a couple hours after we put her down or at 2am...

She has also gotten way more picky with foods so I feel like she isn't eating her normal food portions as accurate..

This week I kinda hit my max on being able to deal with this waking up during the middle of the night thing so I have started getting me and her back on track and trying to eliminate whatever it is that's getting her sleep all messed up!
  • No more bottles in the mornings! It stressed this soo much in the book - they said don't relate sleep with bottles because they won't know the difference of why they got it at 7 am but not at 2 am... It's a pain right now because now I am having to get up at 6,7, or 8 for good - but hopefully its steps that will get her back to good sleep
  • I make sure her closet doors are shut at night.. a month ago for a while she was waking up 2 hours or so after she was put down and we couldn't figure out why and she would fall back asleep on our shoulders and we would go to put her back down and she would clench on for dear life! I started to think she was having bad dreams or things in her room were scaring her.. since it was a different room than she was in from 6-9 months (where i felt she did a lot of growing up during those months).. She is still doing the clench on when I lay her back down during the middle of the night and screaming at the top of her lungs for very long periods so crying-it out method has been a difficult one to keep to - there's only so much screaming you can handle as a mom
  • I've started getting her eating better portions and on a more regular basis! Finding which foods she will eat has been difficult but I kinda think I have got the hang of it..
  • then, a couple of nights ago me and ty have started thinking about turning off her night light on her cd player.. it's a blue light   (i'll go into detail about that in a second) but I'm glad we did!
{its on the bottom right shelf}
the hard thing about her situation is, it's been a lose-lose.
-you let her cry-it-out and that could last up to hours
-you hold her for 10-15 min and you think she has fallen asleep try and lay her down and she will clench on & repeat it if you go back to holding her or if you go ahead and lay her down she screams for what seems twice as long as it would have taken her to cry-it-out...

our neighbors probably HATE us- b/c apparently their room is right next to hers & I also thought thats why she was getting up at 6 or 7 (didn't know if she was hearing their alarm clock- that might be a little far fetched but i didn't know?)

OK so now for the blue light- We just happened to think it might be keeping her awake a couple nights ago so we are stopping that and she has gone one full day without it. It was just on her CD player
(we put her down to music ever since she was a newborn and she won't sleep without it now so I am slowly lowering the volume on it to maybe cease that habit)
Anyways, it was just on the cd player so its been a nice little night light for when I go in there at night..

SO the today show was on with Hoda & Kathy Lee & I had went up stairs to shower & ty comes in and tells me they were just talking about blue lights causing negative sleep patterns...... soo I have been looking it up on the internet and I have found that indeed it is a NEGATIVE thing! Especially for a night light!!
Ok so I found the link off of the Today Show, today it was their Pajama Party!
*{they slightly mention it right before 1:38}*
soo here is what I have found.....

Discoveries in Science
"The colors of the light spectrum can affect the body's rhythm differently, particularly when it comes to sleep patterns. For instance, daylight is dominated by short, visible wavelengths of light that provides a blue visual sensation, like the blue sky. But how bright the light is, how far away, how long you're exposed and when you're exposed to light also have to be considered. Also, we are more likely to sleep soundly in the wee hours of the morning, when our body temperature is lowest, and most likely to awaken when our body temperature starts to rise, usually between 6 AM and 8 AM."

Blue LEDs
 "...This meant that when they began to appear in products, about seven years ago, they had real kudos. “Every product designer wanted the blue LED,” recalls industrial designer Brandon Eash of Design Continuum, “suddenly there's this brand new color, and it's kind of cool and high-tech looking.”"

"Putting blue LEDs on a radio alarm clock isn't a great idea."

"Light centered in the blue part of the spectrum is known to suppress levels of melatonin in the body. Melatonin, sometimes referred to as the 'sleep' hormone, plays a key role in regulating the sleep cycle.
In summary, when melatonin levels in your body are high, you sleep; when they are low, you wake up. Blue light appears to be a kind of natural alarm clock, which wakes animals as the sky becomes blue after sunrise."

"Even very low levels of blue light, such as are emitted by a single bright blue LED, are enough to suppress melatonin levels."

"The reason that blue LEDs are now seen as a potential hazard to sleep is that they are finding their way into bedrooms, on air ionizers, battery chargers, PC cases and many other popular gadgets. On some poorly designed products they are far brighter than they need to be, and they stay on all the time. Unlike traditional incandescent light sources which emit a broad spectrum with relatively little blue content, blue LEDs put out an intense, single wavelength blue."

Seriously, I couldn't have heard this about 11 months ago?? Hopefully it hasn't harmed her sleep too bad!?


  1. genius!

    where was this when i had a little baby girl that NEVER slept at night?!

    totally getting this with our next child.

  2. @sheenathe blue lights are actually a bad thing!
    Sorry I tried to go back in there and fix wording to make sure I came off right! But it might be whats causing her bad sleeping?!

  3. All I have to say is TOTURE to waking up at 2am, and I'm glad you wrote about the blue light. I had nooo idea! Thanks!


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