Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Fabric Gift Wrap

So, I have been seeing these fabric gift wraps all over the place on the internet and one of my friends was having a baby shower so I thought it would be a perfect chance to try this cute little idea out!

I bought 1 yard of fabric
I also bought Alleene's Stop Fraying at local craft store for about $3.79? 
(any non fraying product will do)
I spread this glue like stuff on the edge of the entire fabric... once it dried enough to cut I went around and cut right smack in the middle of where it soaked through.
this part i kinda winged.. so if you have a better idea for wrapping go for it!

once I got the wrap figured out I decided to dab three dots on the folded fabric to make sure it stuck together

I just tied a knot to the two pieces I gathered and voila!

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  1. Wat a clever idea! I love the fabric you chose too

  2. Beautiful wrapping. I love the fabric and colors.
    I would love for you to share this project at my linky party.

    Hope to see you there.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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