Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} fun things to do with your kids

Ok, so i have come across possibly the cutest and funnest blog for moms. This mom is doing a project called 52 smiles & post some of the funnest crafts or just fun things to do with your kids! Makes me look forward to the bigger kid stage! but I'll still soak up this precious stage she's at right now!! Seriously, her kids will have some pretty fun memories from their childhood! So if you are ever wondering what fun things to do with your kids, check it out!!

 Attach a ribbon and note to an inspirational book.  Leave it for a stranger to find and enjoy!  We used 365 Ways to Live Happy: Simple Ways to Find Joy in Everyday for our surprise-a-stranger gift.

 Favorites From the Menu:
Grass Stir Fry
Dirt & Flower Stew
Chocolate Weed Cake
Clover & Daisy Cupcakes

For convenience our center hangs on a wall in our garage!!
  • Artwork— Each kid has a section to display their favorite artwork of the week!
  • Kids Communication Binder—  allowance, permission slips, notes, chore chart and happy thoughts
  • Home Communication Binder—  receipts, coupons and notes
  • Tiny Buckets—- spare change & small collectibles
  • Bags (not shown, they hang below each name)— essential for a grab and go kinda day; diapers, wipes, snacks, small toys, sun screen…
  • Daily Clipboards— Whatever I need to do/deliver/mail for the day will be ready to go!  YES!!!  I love this part!  Permission slips, mail, checks, to-dos, coupons…  ready to go!

I’m pretty sure it’s the
 simplest things
that we will remember
when we think of our favorite

Super cute, huh?!

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