Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Eyebrow Threading

Ok, so I just got my eyebrows threaded over the weekend.. It's the second time I've done the threading technique. The first time was at an Indian Salon in California. I had actually called the salon I go to here in Idaho and they didn't do it so I have plucked here and there.. but we were leaving the mall Saturday and noticed there was a kiosk in the center who had just finished threading another lady so I was like ah I need to get them done! (it's been like 7 weeks??) Anyways, they were looking a bit on the gross side! The mall had closed already so no one was in sight except for our group and the family who had just got theirs done.

I most likely won't be going back to the kiosk in the mall
1. I'm not the type that wants the whole world to see I'd rather it be in a salon setting.
2. She seemed kinda newer at it.. it was more painful and lasted longer than the last time I had it done.

It seriously hurts while they do it but I was very glad I did it as soon as it was over! I had to take little breaks & felt like I was going to sneeze. Even with the pain the second I was done I was glad I did it. Beauty is pain, right? They are so precise and get so much hair and shape it at the same time! I have never ever wanted to try wax for some reason so I have no idea the pain difference in the two.

Price Range {$5-$15 depending where you go}
I got mine done in Cali for $5 on a special & $11 in Idaho

How often? {2-4 weeks}
If you can pluck it, they can thread it.

How long does actual threading take? 
5-10 min.

I did look up some tips on threading...
1. Don't let your eyebrows grow fully, the shorter the hair the less painful it will be.. (probably a reason mine hurt so bad this last time)
2. Cotton thread over Polyester.. it grips the hair better
(How to tell: Cotton thread is not shiny, polyester is)

Threading PROS over waxing and plucking
1. Threading is more precise than plucking. I've always been a plucker and no matter how good I think I plucked the second I get into the car and see my eyes in the rear view mirror I always notice about 10 more hairs that I missed. I also had no real direction for shaping my own eyebrows.

2. While waxing is a great way to remove hair on other parts of the body, it is not advised for facial hair removal. Waxing can burn the skin, pull the skin and cause pre-mature wrinkles or increased sagginess, as well as cause a reaction. Those who wax their facial hair generally bleach or tweeze in-between treatments, since the hair has to be long enough for waxing to be effective. Threading will remove the smallest hair once it has broken the skin. And while re-growth of hair from tweezing has the tendency to be thick and stick-out -- hairs grow back soft, fine, and lay gently against the face from threading.

Threading is just a very natural and organic way to remove unwanted hairs. You can actually learn how to do your own (if interested, there are a zillion tutorials online).. but I won't be trying that!

{actual threading starts at 2:05} 
this is the closest shot of the eyebrows I found on the internet- she doesn't quite show the process like a normal threading session though