Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} My very own lookbook

Ok, I didn't realize creating my look was going to be that fun for me to do, but it was!! If I could sum up my style/look I could wear everyday this is what I would look like! I love casual, earthy tones, and simplicity!

1. Red by Marc Ecko Handbag, Jeanine Shoulder Bag - $79.00

2. Relaxed Knit Top Olive -$6.80

3. Camera Ring - $8.00

4. Oceanside Super Skinny Medium Light Wash -$79.50

5. SHOLETTE Wedges -$49.98

6. TOLAARO Sandals -$50.00

7. Once In A Lifetime Pendant -$65.00

NOW, if I had all the money in the world I would go buy every single item & wear them today!

My top 2 items on the b-day list are #1 & #6 - but i'm pretty sure I want them all! ha

I put two different shoes in there because I will always wear flats if I'm going shopping or doing lots of walking.. I hate more than anything when my feet hurt from heels, although wedges are more comfortable I would still chooes to go shopping in sandals.. If I were going out to one or two places the wedges would win.

{click here to see an update on my #6 item}

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