Monday, June 20, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} One for the bucket list

If you know me, I'm afraid of most "daring" things.. I'm not one to take risks & i let my worry'ness take over! There was an air show this weekend & they were doing helicopter rides and the whole week my husband was set on going. I went along with it & didn't say much hoping something would come up or i would have some excuse not to go on it with him. So we go and we get there & lex was allowed to go on it (one of my excuses that got shut down quickly) so I left it up to Ty and of course he wanted us to go and I couldn't really turn him down b/c i wanted it to be a fun birthday/fathers day weekend for him. We had to wait for like 30 minutes til we actually went.. so that gave me plenty of time to run everything that could possibly go wrong through my little head. Luckily we landed safely on the ground and i'm soo glad I did it!

I only took my telephoto lens thinking I was just going to take pictures of the planes.. soo cell phone pics will have to do of us in the helicopter

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Ty today! 

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