Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Magazine Holder

Tip # 1. Go check out stores that are closing.

While we were living in Cali 3 or 4 months ago we went to a Borders to kill time before we went to dinner. They were closing out the store along with other Border chain stores in the area and they were closing out on almost EVERYTHING inside the store.. random things, book shelves, cards, books, cds, whatever! You could tell most everything had been ransacked and bought but we were still able to find this little baby....

I have no idea what it's original use was for but we had bought it with the intention of making into a lamp. However, when I did our downstairs makeover I decided that look wasn't going to work... so I found another use for it.

A magazine holder! 
We had a millionnnnnnn magazines just chillin on the top of our downstairs toilet.. (husband had a Sports Illustrated subscription) Anyways, it got overwhelming with how much they came and our toilet got a little tacky... if that's possible for a toilet?

This little "magazine holder" had no price tag so we asked what we could have it for & I think we got it for $5.  It works perfectly and it helps clean up our not-so-tacky toilet!

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