Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{T.L} Are your toes ready for summer?

Remember these sandals from this post? Well I was able to buy both those and the wedges.. both on sale over Memorial Day weekend. HOWEVER, the wedges don't quite fit.. and i'm pretty bummed b/c this is the EXACT reason why I hateee buying stuff online. I threw away the package before I realized they didn't fit so now I just have to wait til we go down to Utah to see if I can return them that way... I'm assuming it will be a pain to pay for shipping but I guess I should probably check into that?
But in the meantime i'm lovin these sandals!
oh, and my wonderful mother also bought me that purse as a birthday present 
(which i won't get til' August)

i'm thinkin I need to start making more of those "wish list" & maybe they'll start poppin into my life :)


  1. Very very stylish. I'm diggin the shoes! Uh, if those wedges happen to be a 7, i could buy them from you....just sayin. :)

  2. They are 7, but i'm trying my hardest to convince myself that they can work... I was able to loosen the straps a little around the toes.. but i'll let you know if i change my mind! I'm just afraid i'm not going to find any cute ones like these around here :)


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