Thursday, June 9, 2011

{T.T} How to make a rainy day sunny

ahhhhh it's one of those days I just want to get out of the house & I walk into the garage & go to place my child in & to my dismay...... husband has the carseat!! {biggest pet-peave EVER btw}

soo looks like i'll make a little post... and since Yo Gabba Gabba's {lexi's favorite cartoon} theme was Rain -this will be my theme for my post... This is what makes a rainy day sunny for me!

{if lex still wore onsies I would have this on her asap!}

playing soccer in the rain is probably one of my favorite past times
{beckham just looks better doing it}

{couldn't find image source}


  1. Cute post Linds. Yo Gabba Gabba s cool. Its one of those kids shows I actually enjoy.

  2. I know, for some reason everytime it comes on Lex would always start dancing to it.. it is a little odd but it's deff one of my faves along with bubble guppies!


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