Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Fashion Blogs are the new Fashion Magazines

I have come across two new cute Fashion Blogs found via bloglovin... you can get to bloglovin link by scrolling all the way to the bottom & click on the button.


1. haha i love her header!
2. she's  form Milan & has a super cute style.. my fave are her BALENCIAGA bags!


She's from LA area and has such a fun and more unique look to her.
her style: "i'm kind of obsessed with, fringe, turquoise, feathers, denim, braids, boots and mocassins etc etc."

Click here to see more of her look

WANNA know ONE more cool Look Tip??

it's a fun little site that lets your browse through bazillions of looks & the fashionistas tag where they get the items in their wardrobe. 

you can look at a long list on the right hand side & pick a brand or category then it will go through and pull that brand or category and let your browse through! 
BUT this can be a hit & miss of finding cute styles... SO my thoughts are just to hit the HOT, TOP, or LEADER tab at the top and browse through those! or you can make your very own lookbook just click that tab!

Here's Shea's (from Cheyenne meets Chanel) lookbook
Here's Chiara's (from The Blonde Salad) lookbook

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