Monday, June 20, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Want Luscious Lashes?

sooo... i have a pretty exciting find to share with you today! I was chatting with my future cousin-in-law who is a beautician & we got talking about eye lash extensions..
it's something i think would be super fun to try but i don't think i want to spend the $$ on them and i have also heard back and forth positive & negatives on them 1. being your eye lashes start falling out and 2. being they can mess with contacts, which I wear

anyways, i asked her how much they charged where she works & she said $80 and they last like 5 weeks? not long enough for the price (for me atleast). Then she started telling me about this other eye lash product that makes them grow and actually works that is called Li Lash (i had already noticed her lashes looked long) she said they were $70 and the product last up to 5 months (i hope i am getting all this correct) i think it is more expensive unless you have one of the beautician cards haha (i totally dont know what they are called) but I have two people in our family that could hook me up so luckily I wouldn't have to pay the full price.
she said the lady that sold it to her had super long lashes, like grossly long - the result of using it every day for 5 straight months. Soooo i'm thinkin' this stuff really works! I put it on the b-day list for the hubs but i'm pretty sure he thinks it is a ridiculous thing to want :)

they also have Li Brow
for the eye brow

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