Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Wednesday's Want} Get rid of my million symptoms!! Help?

this is how i feel about whatever is going on with my body!

Symptoms I experience in 1 day:
runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy nose, itchy irritated eyes, dry eyes, sore throat, itchy throat, drainage, sneezing, sometimes feels like fluid in ear but go clean them out and dry and feels irritated. I didnt even know you could experience all of these symptoms in one day!

I went in to the doctor last week b/c my throat had been itchy and sore. They gave me antibiotics and didn't see anything really wrong other than it looked irritated. Then over the weekend I decided to diagnose myself with allergies (I've never had them before) b/c after 3 days of antibiotics nothing was changing. I also got additional bothersome symptoms (see above). 

Since then I have tried Benadryl at night - worked & made me super drowsy (in our cupboard)
Wal-Phed non drowsy - didn't work - (it was in our cupboard)
went back to the pharmacist determined to get something to work and he gave me Wal-Act - apparently he forgot to mention this will make me SUPER drowsy I took it mid afternoon while watching Lex so I made Ty come home and takeover & I took a nap - it seemed to finally work though before the SUPER drowsiness factor kicked in.
BACK to the pharmacist to find something NON-drowsy - I got Claritin Non Drowsy -started that yesterday and feel it isn't helpnig but i'm going to continue taking.

Anyone want to be doctor and give me helpful tips???

I'm not achey, I feel fine other than all these irritating symptoms and I am luckily able to go about my daily routines.


  1. Sounds liks allergies to me!!! have them really bad and am on shorts for them now. But before I would take either Allegra or Zertec. Both seem to work for me. Try taking a decongestant. That may help with the ears and throat. I am no DR but I have just had sinus/allergy problems ALOT!!!

  2. my mom and brothers used to take allegra, zertec, claritin, etc. they have allergies x's 100! it's bad.

    none of those ever seemed to work for them.

    take counteract allergy. it's almost half the price of all of those other medicines too. non.drowsy.

    nothing has ever worked for them except counteract allergy!

    i just fb messaged ya. thought it would be better. :)

  3. I have SUPER annoying allergies and one thing my doctor put me on is a nose spray that I do every morning and I have noticed a big difference. There are a lot of over the counter ones. One tip though... When you spray it, lean your head forward and point it toward the OUTTER side of your nostril. This will help it to not dry out your nose. I hope this helps. I know I never liked nose sprays but this is the best thing I've ever done for my allergies.


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