Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Film {Inventing Shadows}

i know what you are thinking.. another Dia Friday Film??? I promise next Friday will consist of someone else!
But for now.....
im a bit sad. Dia came in second... but i love this song. i downloaded it on itunes which sounds a million times better!

did anyone else want to fix her sleeve flap? just brush it down for her?
still not in love with this song? go listen again but this time go buy it on i-tunes & listen to it with ear phones and scream out inventing shadowwwwwwwwssssssss..
 you'll become a fan i promise

If you live in Rexburg:
Come check out Elle Bowtique at Farmers Market from 4-8pm
again on Monday at the Porter Park 4th of July Celebration from 9am-2pm
she has wayyyy cuter stuff and hasnt gotten everything up on etsy yet!

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