Friday, July 29, 2011

{Jelly Fish}

Let's just say a big ole' storm brought in a ton of sea creatures & jelly fish was one of them!
This morning I looked out the balcony to see that the whole shoreline had been moved. All the neighbor condos chairs had been moved closer to the ocean and a big mini ocean pool had been created.

Us girls all stayed in the mini pools for the babes & the boys were all playing in the ocean with the nice big waves that we got overnight. 2 hours later me, my mom, and chelle were headed back up to the pool from a long walk and noticed this group had caught a jelly fish so I go and look at it & then we were informed by a little girl that there were "millions over there in another bucket..." so I went in and grabbed my camera & came back down with Ty & my mom and seriously, they were pulling jelly fish out like they were seaweed. Ty caught a couple with his little shovel we had for the girls. The kids out there were LOVING it - they all were trying to see how many they could catch. There was like 10 jellyfish coming in with each wave, crazy!! I bet the boys were glad they got out of the ocean when they did!
notice everyone is on the shore & not in the water

a little girls buckets...
and two seconds later when she tried to carry it her handle broke..

this poor little thing ended up getting stung..  it was bound to happen though

thought we would make sure we got all the jelly fish tentacles off before we let lex play with it again

it was a gorgeous beach day!

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  1. Even though the jelly fish do look cool, it makes my stomach churn thinking about them. ewww, haha


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