Sunday, July 3, 2011

{M.M.T} Things that make me laugh

Happy 4th of July!

just some of the things that make me laugh.....

*lexi chest pumps in her carseat to dance when she gets excited to music. Ty ended up getting a copy of Yo Gabba for his truck, something about that cartoon makes lex excited!

* just an ordinary boob scarf found via Pinterest       don't you have one?

*when me and husband are in the car with a VERY sassy girl in the back and ty starts saying stuff like "lexi, your grounded if you don't stop whining", "we are going to turn this car around", "we are going to take all your birthday presents back" -we will go back and forth saying things we used to hear when we were young.. lex is obviously too young to understand but it lightens up the mood and makes us laugh.

* what parents will do to their children...  found vie pinterest

* when you manage to squeeze into larger than life pants with a friend and put your hand over the top half of the pic and it really look like someones(one person) in them with a camel toe

*The perfect family portrait found here

* tacky stepped in glue high heels found via pinterest

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    1. love the shoes and boob scarf, everyone needs a boob scarf!!!


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