Monday, July 11, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} Construction

I woke up this morning super bugged!
I here this obnoxious noise and look at my phone to see what time it was

it was 7:40

i don't know about you but ever since lex was born I need EVERY minute I can get in the morning.
If she's asleep - I better be asleep! 
If it's after 9 i sometimes like to get up before her so I can get some "me" time in.

However, I wake up at 7:40am to this "ba ba ba" noise
I never realized the "in reverse" noise on trucks on construction machinery 
like a frikkin' alarm clock!! 
excuse my language

can you imagine how obnoxious it is to wake up to that and hear it for 10-15 straight minutes!
 they are very lucky lex didn't wake up
i contemplated going outside and yelling at these people but i figured they work for the city 
so i can't really call the cops complaining they were "disturbing the peace"
not even sure what time that's for anyways

there were more trucks and things out there at 7:30 picture was taken this afternoon

This week post might be a little out of order.. Lexi's birthday was over the weekend so I will have a post on the details of it & tutorials to come!

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