Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Pinwheel Tutorial

Here is how I made the pinwheels from Lexi's Sweet Shop party
Items I used: DOUBLE-SIDED paper, shiska-bob sticks, spray paint, brads, hole punching tool.
-you can use whatever brads you would like & you do not have to use a hole punching tool.. I just used what I already had at home. Whatever you want to use to hold the pieces together you more than likely can just use that to make the hole in the paper.

Step 1: Cut 4 slits into the paper 
- Start at each corner and work your way into the middle but stop well before they meet in the center. Do this for all 4 sides. I put a hole in the outside right hand corner of each triangle.

Step 2: Bring all corners to the center
-I grabbed each corners and placed the brad in each hole and attached all pieces together, including the inside paper.
Step 3: Spray Paint Shiska-bob-sticks
-Shiska-bob-sticks worked perfect if you don't mind that it doesn't spin. I just hot-glued the stick to the back of the paper and covered it with some solid colored fabric i had. The end of the stick has a sharp point which worked well to stick into the ground.
-If you want the pinwheels to spin, you can use a pencil & a flat headed tacs to assemble.

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  1. Love all of this - thanks for posting. Where did you get your paper for the pinwheels? Thought I might ask before searching. Thanks!


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