Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Clever Food} Bannana Split Bites

While we were on vacation we decided to make banana split bites for dessert one night..
this is all you need + some cherry's & wax paper
cut up banannas into bite sizes.. the bannanas can get kinda slippery when you are dipping them into the chocolate so if you want to keep the peel on half way you can use that as a grip
Dip & Sprinkle and lay on wax paper
If you would like the chocolate to harden -Refrigerate
If you like your chocolate warm and fresh (my preference) - eat asap
Tips I learned while making... 
  • keep banans dry when dipping into chocolate
  • i was stubborn and decided not to use the peel as a grip for dipping & they were super slippery
  • don't try rolling your bannana that has been dipped in chocolate into the sprinkles - just sprinkle them on.. it just makes a mess of clumpy sprinkles if you don't
  • my sister told me I should have made them shorter b/c some were awkward to eat
  • be careful and save some for the guest b/c they taste amazing!

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