Monday, August 22, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} A day in San Fransisco

We only have a couple days where we can actually go and enjoy a "full city day" while we are in San Fransisco.. so this is what our first trip to the city was like..

we set off to explore the Golden Gate Bridge and accidentally landed at Bakers Beach..
it was the best accident we could have encountered!
and FYI if you ever want to dare to go visit this place make sure it is quite cold b/c apparently it is a clothing-optional beach as well.. yikes hahah
on a more family friendly note i guess princess diaries was filmed here for one of their scenes as well.

It had some gorgeous views and we, as a family of 3, took a nice little walk on the beach while enjoying a very scenic route! 

We didn't quite dress for how chilly it was that day but it made me feel like Fall was already here, and i'm actually ok with that!
not the best family picture but we will take what we can get

our next stop was Ellis & Post where we parked.

All the big shopping is in this area.. so after some shopping we took the cable cars to meet up on the other end (Hyde & Beach) where the Fishermans Wharf is.

There are different cable cars you can take and we took the Powell-Hyde line which is more scenic.. 
you drive past Lumbard Street and end at Ghirardelli Square.
top view of Lumbard Street
We hit up a couple more shops..
we bought little lexi some cute tiny toms this week

after that we met up with one of my best friends Bre and her family
we went to Dinner then headed to Ghirardelli Square for dessert..
Ty grabbed some chocolate and I grabbed a delicious cup of hot cocoa to go and then we headed back where we waited in line to board the cable cars to head back 

the sun was going down and it was definitely getting more chilly.. 
the hot cocoa was perfect and went quickly!
you could see the Golden Gate Bridge and AlCatrez from where we were and listened to a local strum out different San Fransisco songs.. it was quite nice! 

Lexi also hadn't napped all day but she did suprisingly well and loved the ride, she oohed and ahhed the entire way back

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