Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Thursday's Tip} Shopping for the Little One

Yesterday we spent it settling in.. we are now in San Francisco {area} if I haven't mentioned that on this blog.. we are here for 3 weeks while Ty works and in between his school semesters. We were just going to grab a bite at Chipotle..

but it turned into a mini shopping trip.. seriously he took me to the cutest little area of outdoor shopping so he had to have known what he was going to get himself into. We went with another one of our couple friends... Lexie & Garret (the ones who were with us in LA when we met Rob Dyrdek) Well she is 20'ish weeks prego now so we hit up some of the unique little one shops!

First off Five Little Monkeys
Super cute little shop.. How cute is this little Rody! She loves to sit on just about anything all by her self.. she couldn't figure out how to get off of it.. might be a winner! :)

Next stop.. giggle

We got Lexi's first toothbrush.. she only has her 2 little bottom teeth but I figured she's 1 now so I better start getting her used to the idea.

they had some seriously cute stuff in here.. i was obsessed with this Mamaroo bouncer!
it's like 1/2 the size of what we used for our swing and it does EVERYTHING, super stylish too i might add.  We got a pink swing for little Lexi.. something that isn't going to work for a baby boy.. so i wish they would have made these a year ago. I would take the one on the right, please!

Another one on the list but somewhere I hit up yesterday morning was Buy Buy Baby
it's like a Pregnant womans dream in there.. I seriously could have got everything I needed in that store!! It's also nice for moms.. but it's easy not to go completely ape wall b/c we have 98% of the stuff we need already. I did pick up a cute little sippy cup though & some snacks for her.

Have you heard of Amazon mom?!
If you haven't you need to go check it out! B/c you can get some amazing deals not to mention free 2 day shipping on a lot of nice items!! Click here for details! It gets kinda tricky on what they allow you to have the free 2 day shipping so make sure you read carefully.. but if you are looking for bargains I would totally check it out! Amazon always has good prices for tons of products! I have bought MANY things on here.. and I was able to get free 2 day shipping on a baby shower gift & got it just in time!

Amazon Mom FAQ page

Controversy of Amazon mom
- you might get more underlying details out of this convo
-still worth it just make sure you read the fine lines!


  1. love amazon mom and am so jealous of all those cute little baby stores! we are seriously lacking in unique baby stores here in idaho! LAME! have fun on your three week vacay. my friend heather is in that office, say hello to her for me!

  2. oh AND are you going to be doing halloween mini sessions again?? i know it's a little ahead of the game, but i was just curious...maybe i should have written this on your photo blog..or emailed you :)

  3. @Rachael... I haven't decided on the Halloween mini session yet.. i'll keep you posted :)


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