Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Tuesday's Look} Kim Kardashian & Heidi Klum on the Smokey Eye Tutorial

I felt it was only right to start off with a clip from Kim Kardashian's wedding over the weekend

so i really like this tutorial.. I am not one to really pull off the smokey eye in grays & blacks.. but I apply the same technique to the more golden tones..

I'm not too much into the whole brands either.. I almost always get my makeup at Walgreens.. they normally always have a bogo 1/2 off or something to that extent..

I guess I do kinda stick to Maybelline or Loreal.. but that's just because my mom used to work for them & we used to have endless makeup supplies from them at home.

I don't always have to have eye shadow on, so for those day i just use my concealer stick (religiously before i put anything on top) and rub that in and brush over with whatever powder i'm using to keep my eyes coated the same as my face. more natural looking to me.

I also use the cheapest stick of the blackest eye liner & I do put that on top & bottom lid line, 
that's just my preference and I feel naked without eyeliner!
- If I were to put only 1 thing on my eyes it would most likely be that!

Here's what I am using at home.. both were bought who knows how long ago and my favorite is about gone! and go figure it says "limited edition" & i had tried looking in stores for it but nada.. but when i was looking for images last night I did find it on e-bay.. but im not sure if thats weird or not to buy makeup off e-bay??? ya, kinda weird to me.

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  1. Love this tutorial too! Kim always has the best makeup. I think that you should try a professional line of make up. I promise it makes a huge difference! Alta has everything and Two Faced and urban decay have great colors that are not too expensive. Love your blog!


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