Monday, August 8, 2011

US airways & United Airlines, Horrible Customer Service

OK, so yall ready for my Monday mornin' thought?

well hear it goes

August 1st... started off nice

Ended horrible!       thanks united airlines, for the worst customer service EVER!

Lex had already been on & off fussy/sick all vacation long. 1/2 the time she was her cute little self the other half.. a little sassafras. The morning we were suppose to fly out i was changing her bum.. (which she had a really bad bum rash most of the trip and I even had been using ointment from a previous bum rash -must have her dads tummy) and i noticed she had these red little dots all over her belly so my first thought was that she had a reaction to the 4 shots they had given her for her 1 yr checkup the week before.. or chicken pox.. so i called the dr and talked to the nurse and she said if they aren't blistery than they aren't chicken pox.. for some reason i still believed they would turn into them.. soo we fly out at 2'ish from Florida & our next layover and switch of planes was in Charlotte.. where we landed and found out our flight had been delayed..

Our flight was suppose to leave originally at 6'ish & didn't leave until 10'ish pm est

ok, so side note- I am flying with a ONE year old & my sister is flying with a TWO year old... let's just say it's not the easiest task to control those two. So Kins fell asleep first- catnap while we waited & lex ended up falling asleep on me for maybe an 45 min-hour before we finally left 

finally landed in Denver 3 1/2 hours later.. 11:30'ish pm mst

We went to baggage claim US Airways first to get hotel vouchers that we were told we could get and figure everything else out.

We get there & the lady says we don't even get hotel vouchers -
after we had been told 

1. by customer service in Charlotte (when we were trying to figure out our flight mess) 
2. the lady at our gate when we got outside our plane landing in Denver... 

so we argued with her & she made a call to someone at our gate & told them not to be telling people that... 

ummm HELLO?? we have two children and yall have put us out a day from being home.. It's the LEAST you could do!!!

so anyways after her getting on to 2 different people about it she gave us the hotel vouchers..

we then asked about our luggage that we needed -
(apparently our flight was switching to United -who they share revenue with?? -we bought this flight with US Airways on their website- not through a 3rd party)

so US Airways sent us over to United to figure out where our bags were... we walked over to where United was to talk to them & that it would take 3 hours to get our carseat and luggage
(we needed our pack-n-play as well b/c lex doesn't sleep in a bed- she never has)
b/c they haven't been scanned over to them from US Airways... somehow we find out that our luggage didn't make it over to them and now US Airways was closed at 12am so now we couldn't go back and talk to them - now we needed transportation to the hotel.. they expected us to take the hotel shuttle without using car seats for a 1 & 2 year old. which they told us the hotel was supposedly 20 miles away

UM, no thank you! I'd like for them to be safe + that's illegal... 

so they did offer us car seats BUT only had 2 toddler carseats that fit kids 20+ lbs & up... lex weighs only 16 lbs and hasn't moved up to that carseat yet. PLUS the hotel shuttle bus doesn't even have a place to strap carseats in...

SOOO you would think they would pay for a taxi or rental car to get us there safely.. or something more than the attitude they gave us and being inconsiderate that we were there at midnight with a 1 & 2 year old.

did i mention i have been crying basically since the 3 hour flight with lex screaming??
i was a bit emotional & exhausted!!

so the cops had been called b/c ty told them to - to tell them it WAS illegal for them to travel in a vehicle without carseats.. sure enough cops came.. on our side & helped us way more than both airlines..  the cops told us about Hertz car rental and that they did have car seats... so that's what we ended up having to do...  the boys left in the Hertz shuttle & got a rental car to fit all 6 of us.. carseats and all.

Hertz was VERYYY helpful
they gave us the tahoe for all 6 of us for $135.. & 2 carseats (infant & toddler) for a  full day rental..
otherwise we would have been stuck in DENVER airport/hotel... 
with a 1 & 2 year old ON MY BIRTHDAY! no thanks! 

We left the airport around 1:30.. go check into the hotel they put us up in (Ramada Inn) and they don't have any spare cribs or pack-n-plays to lend. go figure.  I realize I used up all my diapers I had packed during the day- (lexi's tummy problems obviously didn't help this one) plus everyone was starving.. so we made a trip to the nearest food place which ended up being at a gas station somewhere back near the airport. Everyone went in the store while I stayed in with lex who was still asleep -I ended up falling asleep and waking up to everyone getting back into the car.
(That's how exhausted I was.. i can never fall asleep like that unless I was like 30 weeks prego or somethin')

finally get to our hotel room at 3 am mst

LUCKILY my actual birthday, August 2nd was much better!

Note to airlines:
make sure you have reputable employees serving your customers at midnight to exhausted customers!

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  1. That SUUUUUCKS! Being stuck is bad enough. I cannot imagine how frustrating it is with a 1 and 2 year old. Wish we could have gotten together because I really miss all of you.


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