Saturday, September 10, 2011

the c word

I cant help but make a blog post about this.. I am a very emotional type of person and things can get to me easily.. I cannot quite fathom all the trials that close ones have to endure and it's just plain hard to watch... my friend tosha from st. george is going through some tough times with her little girl who is going through leukemia. It breaks my heart every time I read about the latest thing they are enduring.
I am one of those types of people who worry about things before they happen. I think of the worst and hope for the best. I don't like to get my hopes up to get them shot down. Life throws you the unexpected and I am well aware of that. I try to be a realist not a pessimist.

Anyhow I have always had a fear of cancer.. so when you hear that word things kinda freeze and you think the worst... then when I found out tosha's little girl had leakemia I immediately researched the kind she had (ALL) the statistics are good for kids under 5 so I felt a lot more reassurance and I didn't look at her "cancer" as extreme and I still have high hopes that everything will work out fine for them..

everything will work out fine.. but it's an ugly thing to fight.. her family for the next 2 years will be living drastically different than they thought and things have changed in an instant for them. There is a way to help them pay for expenses below.. but if you could keep them in your prayers.. they are going through a lot

"Scott & Tosha are so humbled by the many offers of help they have received. If you desire, you can donate at any Wells Fargo location to account # 3446390555 (the Taleah Stevenson Cancer Donation Account) or by clicking on the secure PayPal donation link below. Thank you for your generosity. Any amount is greatly appreciated!!! "

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