Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Ep. 4 {spider web balloons}

If you're planning a halloween party, these should definitely make the party decor list!
They are super unique and seen from here

"You'll need access to some helium, and ideally a substance like hi-float which will allow for the heaviness of the balloon's contents. But once you've collected these together, this is a really quick and easy project."

What you'll need:
- 11-inch clear latex balloons
- Small rubber spiders

- Inject a little less than the usual amount of Hi-float into an clear balloon and rub it around to coat the inside.
- Put a small rubber spider inside the balloon.

- Inflate the balloon to about 75% of the full-size with air.

- Seal the balloon with a plastic disk or clip. Let it dry overnight. Place the balloon out in the open where there is good air circulation. It must be very dry in order to form the spider web.

- The next day remove the clip and deflate the balloon.

- Hold the balloon by the stem and the top as shown to the right below, and stretch it a few times to separate the dry film from the wall of the balloon.

- Slowly inflate the balloon with Helium or air.

- When the balloon is almost full-size the Hi-Float film will separate from the wall in several places and hang inside the balloon to form a spider web.

-If the coating does not separate, deflate the balloon, stretch it a couple of more times and reinflate it.

I have never tried this myself but I am curious to see how it works! It would also be fun to add a little glow in the dark paint inside and see what it would look like in the dark!!

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