Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{improvise} painting/fun find

 produce or make (something) from whatever is available
i'm loving this "new" word

ok, so yesterday I finally got around to painting Lexi's little cart that I had bought a month ago at Ikea.

 it was blue, which is not quite the color I wanted.
but it was cheap & lexi has been loving the whole process of putting objects into boxes of sorts
and pushing things around
so i knew it would be a winner.

well i was able to take off one set of wheels but the other two are stuck on there for good.

i somehow needed to spray paint the base with out getting it on the wheels and a picture flashed through my head that I had seen on pinterest.. 
(aluminum foil covering door knobs for painting purpose)

aluminum foil

it covered exactly how i needed it to!

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