Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Milk & Cookies} 1st Birthday Party for Madeline

ok so I was able to go to one of my best friends little girls 1st Birthday Party! Bre has been visiting her family here in Cali for the past month or so and they and they decided to do a last minute birthday party.. (you can totally not tell it was last minute b/c she did such a cute job!) So I was lucky and happened to be only an hour away and was able to go! She is probably one of the Top 2 craftiest people i know and she has got some amazing skills on just about everything (she's the one who made lexi's birthday skirt) and she has an etsy (she will have more on it in the future once they get settled from traveling)
"our little cookie is turning one,
come join us for milk, cookies, & fun!
drop in anytime for a sweet little treat!"

unfortunately for you, Bre is not the biggest blogger so I will step in and do it for her :)

First off since she is not "home, home" & it was last minute she sent out these digital invites. Which I have never heard or seen before but they are possibly the neatest little thing.. especially if you are low on time

You can RSVP right there,  everyone can see who's coming, be apart of a little discussion board/event conversation, let the party planner know how many guest will be coming with you, get the location or directions on a map, save it to your computers calendar, or print it!

so here's the party.....
Birthday Girls Cake

Cookie Making Table


  1.  Thank you Ginger!

  2. I love you! :D your pictures are beautiful. The party wasn't that cute... You just made it look great with your mad photography skills! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  3. Okay it was me... I was the retarded one! I figured out how to post!

  4. How adorable!  What a beautiful birthday party!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog because I have been on the search for milk glasses like these.  Would you please email me and let me know where you purchased them from?  Please and thank you!

    Jessica -

  6. Happy Birthday! Such a perfect birthday party.

  7. so fun to come across your darling blog. what a sweet family, and your photography is incredible! thank you for sharing!! 

  8. so cute!! Do  you mind telling me where you got the milk glasses?!


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