Monday, September 12, 2011

Mondays Recap {Carnival Time}

we welcomed a couple of gold fish into our family..
she was a little excited
their new home..

I also had a request from a friend to make some Carnival prints out of my photography.. soo this is what I came up with for her.. I did two different looks one with more warm tones & cold tones, heres some of the warm tone shots


  1. These carnival prints are amazing. I'm getting more into photography and using Photoshop (I only have elements) and I was wondering if you ever use actions to get certain effects, and if so what your favorite ones are. Thanks!

  2. Love the pics...they turned out sooo good!

  3. Waaaaaaay cool pics, Linds! I love these.  You have got some serious talent girl.

  4. Love love LOVE the carnival prints! where'd ya get those super cute placemats and napkins?

  5.  thanks everyone! bre, bre, bre you know where! haha thanks to your sil


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