Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mondays Recap {Crab Boil End of Summer Party}

We had a crab boil with our friends this weekend and it tasted amazinggg! Plus, it was super fun to get everyone together! It all started because Edgar Hansen off of Deadliest Catch was at a grocery store near by selling crab & Ty had to "plan" a group date for a class.. so an "end of summer party" seemed like the perfect thing to have. plus, the weather ended up being so nice this past weekend!  If you haven't ever done a crab boil... you should definitely put it on your list!! Everyone needs to indulge in this experience!!

 {i'm not holding lexi.. she is behind Charlotte (the one i'm holding)}
Ty did majority of all of this, didn't he do a good job? There was only little touches added by me
We all split up the food assignments.. 

Snow Crab
Corn on the cob
this is Edgar Hansen.. totally didn't recognize him all cleaned up
 this show is dvr'ed in our house, thanks to ty

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  1. Rebecca @This Nest is BestAugust 31, 2012 at 11:58 PM

    Such a cute crab boil - we had a similar one this summer, but I didn't get nearly as many good pictures as you did!


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